Prinya: Nephon Creatures

Mar 29, 2018

Nephon Creatures

The Nephon creature is a new pet system introduced to Red Stone.
It let's you have a creature follow you around that increases your abilities.
Each Nephon creature has different abilities and stats.
You can view them by clicking on the pet type lists above.

Open cocoon → get a Nephon creature.
You can obtain a cocoon from guild dungeons or the point store.
Opening a cocoon also gives you a very rare chance to obtain a golden stat / golden skill.
A golden stat will give a certain stat more base points and more scaling per level. A golden skill will give the skill more base skill points.

Guild DungeonPoints Store
SpecialPermanentOnly sold on special occations

Feeding your creature
When you have a Nephon creature that you want to train, you have to feed it.
You can feed it using a ring that gives the pet experience each time you kill a creature (which is currently not released), or you can feed it supplies.
Below is a chart for the amount of experience each type supply gives.

FoodExp Acquired
Ignition stone5
Insulation stone5
Tantilis relic80
Crystal stone150
Resonance Stone150
Mysterious stone170
Flame stone600
Reinforcement stone from another world1300
Crystal stone2000

Each type of pet has a maximum level. On the pet list, you can see their base stats and their scaling per level in the (parentheses). Each time the Nephon pet levels up, it gains bonus stats that you can distribute into the stat of your choosing.

TypeNormalRareVery RareSuper RareLegendary
Maximum Level60708090100
Base Stats110122135160166177
Stats / level111418243030
Bonus Stats12345

- Time
- Difficulty
- Tower of Trial (Strength)
- Tower of Indurance (Health)
- Tower of Magic (Intelligence)
- Tower of Salvation (Support)

PVP Battles
The nephon creatures can enter a PVP battle against other players. In order to enter a PVP battle you must speak to Creature PVP Man inside Brunenstig Adventurer Association (43,41).


Pets that you don't want can be combined into a completely new Nephon. Nephons are dependent of what tier of Nephons you combine them with. It may also result in a Nephon of a lower tier or equal tier.

You can upgrade a Nephon to the next tier. Normal to Rare, Rare to Hero, Hero to Fantasy and Fantasy to Legendary. This provides no real bonus except you can level the Nephon further and the Nephon creature have more scaling per level.

Upon Nephon activation you will receive half of the creatures' stats and will cause the Nephon to follow you.

Your backpack is where you carry all your Nephon creatures, expanding it will give you more slots to carry more Nephon creatures.
Buying Arcane Nest from the Points store will give you 2 additional slots.

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