Prinya: Thief Guide

Dec 17, 2014

Thief Guide

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Thief Class
Throwing shurikens and laying traps. Being a Thief means you're gonna annihilate any foe you come in contact with in a matter of seconds. Robbing and stealing all the treasure you can find in the process. Thieves makes exellent item hunters and money makers while being the top one best single target damager in the game.

Single Target Damage: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Area of Effect Damage: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Defense: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Movement: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Difficulty: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Speciality: Burst damage

 Insane damage both aoe and single target
 Really good for finding items and making money
 Can see hidden chests for unique rare items
 Can open locked doors and disarm traps
 Can stunlock bosses
• Can quickly cure all abnormal conditions

 Extremely squishy
 No movement skills what-so-ever
 Very slow playstyle

Double Throwing is your main single target damage tool, simply throws a number of daggers at the target for massive damage.
Darting Fever is your main area of effect tool, it throws 3-4 daggers at all aggressive targets towards you or your party. It doesn't throw at targets who are not currently aggressive. Darting Fever cannot be blocked.

First Aid can be used to heal targets temprarily, remember this health can be used together with surivival instinct title for a massive 50% fixed critical chance.
Poison Neutrailization can be used to increase water, land, stun and abnormal resistances aswell as removing all abnormal conditions.
Intuition is used to very quickly recharge your CP and give you a boost of skill level. At very high skill level this can be very powerful.

Thieves Shadow can be used instead of transparency, it turns you semi invisible until your first strike. It also increases your skill level by 5 for 170 seconds.

Trap Disarmament is used to remove traps, it is the only skill in the game to do so and can be very valueable in secret dungeon or for making money.
Ankle Trap is your boss killing tool, set up a huge pile of traps in a single spot and have them walk into it to make them stunned forever if they don't have enough resistance to resist it.
Explosive Trap and Poison Trap is your knowledge damage tools, it can be used with the new knowledge thief awakening for massive damage output. Poison trap can also be used to pull monsters for easy Darting Fevers.

Superior Detection is your main activation skill, it detects everything you need, doors, traps and enemies.
Noise Detection is your second activation skill, it shows enemies on the minimap for you and your party.

Unlock Chest is used to make money, in just a few hours opening hidden chests you can make millions of gold with this. Remember that chest have a chance to contain very unique rare items that is otherwise not obtainable. 35% attack speed bangle and 19-26 wind damage bottle for example.
Unlock Door is used to unlock locked doors, usually used to get to some place faster or to get your mastery quest done.

Pick Pocket can be used a CP recharge tool as it doesn't fill your inventory with useless trash like Robbery does.
Assassination has a few good uses, normal mobs level 4 or below can be instantly killed using this skill.

Illusions [Monk] is your main defense tool, this is your "Escape prison for free card". Learn to switch between the monk side and activate this skill as fast as possible to be a good Thief.
Side Step [Monk] is what make you such a deadly force in GvG, being able to go from the tankiest class in the game to simply murdering someone in a second with a click of a button. Side Step activates a immune to all damage state for 2 seconds upon taking damage.

LevelLocationRespawn Time
Guards Grave B1
50 minutes
Thief Guild Storage [C] B3
60 minutes
Exhibition of the Past Glories
5 hours and 38 minutes
Namless Broken Tower B4
7 hours and 38 minutes
Digged Up Ossuary B6
9 hours and 38 minutes
Short Cuts to Dark Elf Palace
10 hours and 38 minutes
Golden Swamp Cave B3
11 hours and 45 minutes
Forest of Time 3
12 hours and 50 minutes

Requirements should be acquired regardless of build
 Power - Improves physical damage.
 Luck - Increases accuracy, avoidance and improves item drops.
 Alacrity - Increases accuracy and avoidance.
• Health - Increases health points, defense and potion recovery speed.
 Knowledge - Improves magic damage.
• Charisma - Improves your resistances and increases your charge points.
 Wisdom - Improves your resistances, elemental resistances and experience gain.

1» Ninja  [AwakeningVenom Thrower]
Power - 1 each level
Alacrity - 1 each level
Luck - 1 each level
Health - 1 each level until 150 then then luck

2» Assassin  [AwakeningVenom Thrower]
Power - 1 each level
Alacrity - 1 each level
Luck - 1 each level
Health - 1 each level until 150 then power

3» Treasure Hunter [Not for leveling]
Luck - 4 each level

- All skills are based of skill level 50

 Throwing Knives
Throw a dagger at the target, dealing 125% damage with 25% accuracy and 5% attack speed.

 Venomous Dagger
Throw a dagger at the target, dealing 25 physical damage with 5% accuracy and 51 poison damage every second for 21 seconds.

 Double Throwing
Throw 6 daggers at the target, dealing 100% damage per dagger with 7.5% accuracy.

 Double Strike
Throw 1 dagger at 6 targets, dealing 130% physical damage with 10% accuracy.

 Darting Fever
Throw 3 daggers at 12 targets, dealing 300% physical damage with 50% increased attack animation speed and 5% accuracy.
- Cannot be blocked

 Poison Resistance
Boost the targets resistance, increases their water resistance by 25%, land resistance by 25%, stun resistance by 50%, abnormal resistance by 50% and decrease the poison damage they take by 75% for 255 seconds.

 Finding the Group
Activation skill, see invisible targets of (your level + 250) for 260 seconds.

 First Aid
Quickly bandage a friendly target, temporarily heal them for 210.

 Poison Neutrailization
Neutralize poisons from a friendly target, increases their water resistance by 50%, land resistance by 50%, stun resistance by 85% and abnormal resistance by 85%, temporarily heals them for 100 over 255 seconds. Also removes all abnormal conditions.

 Thieves Shadow
Blend into the shadows, becoming semi invisible for 170 seconds and increases your skill level by 5.
- Doesnt work versus semibosses or bosses.
- Transparency level 170.

Installs a mousetrap under your feet over 1 second for 295 seconds, dealing 155 physical damage to any enemies that comes in contact with it.
- Maximum of 9 traps at the same time.
- Trigger level 100.
- Detection level 75.

 Trap Disarmament
Disarms a trap over 1 second, have a 100% chance to temporarily remove the trap for 115 seconds.
- Disarm level 100.

 Ankle Trap
Install an ankle trap under your feet over 1 second for 410 seconds, dealing 203 physical damage and stuns any enemies that comes in contact with it for 55 seconds.
- Trigger level 125.
- Detection level 100.

 Explosive Trap
Installs an explosive trap under your feet over 1 second for 560 seconds, dealing 265-295 fire damage to everything in a huge aoe if any enemies comes in contact with it.
- Damage to the main target = 125% down to 85% to the targets at the border of the trap AoE.
- Trigger level 200.
- Detection level 150.

 Poison Trap
Installs a poison trap under your feet over 1 second for 660 seconds, dealing 55 land damage every second for 28 seconds to everything in a huge aoe if any enemies comes in contact with it.
- Trigger level 250.
- Detection level 175.

 Trap Detection
Activation skill, detects traps with detection level of 100 or below.

 Noise Detection
Activation skill, detects all targets of (your level + 350) for 5 seconds on your minimap.
- Range: 1450(14.5m)
- Can detect a maximum of 55 targets at the same time.

Activation skill, detects traps and hidden doors with detection level 150 or below.

 Superior Detection
Activation skill, detects all targets of (your level +350) for 5 seconds on your minimap. Also detects traps, hidden doors, chests and other hidden objects with a detection level of 200 or below.

Focus your mind and body, charging 65 charge points over 0.63 seconds and increases your skill level by 5 for 5 seconds.

 Unlock Chest
Have a 100% chance to unlock a door with a trigger level of 100 or below.
- Failed attempts decreases your durability.

 Unlock Door
Have a 100% chance to unlock a door for 115 seconds with a trigger level of 125 or below.
- Failed attempts decreases your durability.

Pick the targets pocket, dealing 115% physical damage with a 100% chance to steal gold from the target.

Rob the target, dealing 285% physical damage with a 100% chance to crit and 75% chance to steal an item from the target.

Swiftly strike at a weak point of the targets body, dealing 550% physical damage with a 40% chance to instantly kill a target of (your level + 30) or below. Also has a 100% chance to crit and 33% chance to crush.

 Illusions [Monk]
Create illusions to confuse your enemies making all enemies hit your illusions before hitting you, ignore all damage for 3 successful attacks for up to 180 seconds.

 Side Step [Monk]
Activation skill, have a 65% chance to become immune to all damage for 2 seconds upon getting hit. Also increases stun resistance by 130% for 6 seconds.

Ninja and Assassin [Awakening: Venom Thrower]
1. Double Throwing [20]
2. Poison Neutrailization [1]
3. Double Throwing [50]
4. Intuition [50]
5. Darting Fever [50]
6. Superior Detection [10]
7. Thieves Shadow [50]
8. Side Step [1]
9. Illusions [20]
10. (Awaken Darting Fever) [1]
11. (Awaken Double Throwing) [1]
12. Illusions [50]
13. Side Step [50]
14. Ankle Trap, Unlock Chest, Unlock Door, Trap Disarmament, Superior Detection, Poison Neutrailization and Noise Detection [50]

Treasure Hunter [Not for leveling]
1. Superior Detection, Unlock Chest, Trap Disarmament and Unlock Door

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