Prinya: Red Stone Detective

Jul 1, 2018

Red Stone Detective

Red Stone Detective is a title that you can only obtain by hunting for treasure maps that you get randomly after you kill an enemy and after you've been on the same map for a long period of time (around 30 to 60 minutes). Actively killing does not reset the timer, though it is not required to get treasure maps either.

The title increases the experience everyone in the party gets when hunting together.

This experience factor is counted as a multiplier, meaning it's like having half a portal sphere (if it's level 10). Except it doesn't increase the experience you get from quests or increase drop rate.

Level 1 → 5% party experience
Level 2 → 10% party experience
Level 3 → 15% party experience
Level 4 → 20% party experience
Level 5 → 25% party experience
Level 6 → 30% party experience
Level 7 → 35% party experience
Level 8 → 40% party experience
Level 9 → 45% party experience
Level 10 → 50% party experience

Only a set amount of players can have the Red Stone Detective title, and only 1 player can have the level 10 Red Stone Detective title (currently it is Sweetums).

1 player level 10 Red Stone Detective (top 1)
2 players level 9 Red Stone Detective (top 3)
2 players level 8 Red Stone Detective (top 5)
6 players level 7 Red Stone Detective (top 11)
7 players level 6 Red Stone Detective (top 18)
11 players level 5 Red Stone Detective (top 29)
12 players level 4 Red Stone Detective (top 41)
16 players level 3 Red Stone Detective (top 57)
17 players level 2 Red Stone Detective (top 74)
26 players level 1 Red Stone Detective (top 100)

To get a treasure map, simply wait around 30 minutes to 60 minutes on the same map. Kill an enemy and there is a chance that you will obtain one.

Each time you open a treasure chest, you get points. These points accumulate until you have enough to be in the top 100. Which is when you get level 1 Red Stone Detective title.

Opening a treasure chest can give random rewards, the worst one being nothing and the best one being double experience for the entire server.

Each reward gives a set amount of points.

Nothing ➜ 1 point
Gold ➜ 2 points
400% gold drops for 10 minutes + gold ➜ 5 points
200% experience for 10 minutes ➜ 10 points
400% gold drops for 10 minutes for the entire server ➜ 20 points
200% experience for 10 minutes for the entire server ➜ 30 points

Despite popular belief, not picking up a treasure map does not give point penalty.

If you manage to score a treasure map that gives experience or gold to the entire server, a message will be displayed on the top of the screen for all players in the game.

To see the current treasure hunter ranking, click here.


  1. Virtue at 100% doubles the party experience bonus from RSD.

    1. This isn't true and is simply a translation error. It's supposed to say that it stacks with the vice and virtue heaven bonus.