Prinya: Dried up Oasis

Jan 15, 2014

Dried up Oasis

Oasis is a very hard and rewarding grinding spot for very high level characters. The chances of you ending up here is very slim. You hunt here from level 750 to 850, it's not very good in the beginning but will pick up later. If you do end up in Oasis, follow this guide for maximum efficiency.

Some people that enter Oasis will be struck by lightning from the damage that has probably trippled from Forest of Time and if you dont meet the requirements you will die.

How to get to Oasis:
Teleport to Molinar Tower, go out east and take the first teleport to Def Hills.
The entrance is at the north western corner of Def Hills.

Map of Dried up Oasis:
750 - 850
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are all monster spawns.
7 and 8 is lure spots.


Lure spot 8
To keep the lure from de-spawning you have to run far away from the spot so the mobs dont target you anymore, then you go back to #3 and stay there. If you walk away or disconnect they will de-spawn after some time. You can put an alt character there.

Lure spot 7


Caelum Dark Elf
Main mob
The Dark Elf is not the most threatening mob at Oasis, however it will provide you with the most experience when killed. Around 400.000-500.000 experience with sphere.

Health PointsPowerAlacrityLuckFire ResistanceWater ResistanceFatal Blow Resistance

Caelum Templar
Main mob
- Uses high accuracy physical attack with magic damage on targets around the main target. GIF.
The templar is probably the most threatening mob at Oasis, the halberd does wind damage to anyone standing close to the main target and have very high accuracy.

Health PointsPowerAlacrityLuckFire ResistanceWater ResistanceFatal Blow Resistance

Caelum Priest
Main mob
The priest is the easiest mob in oasis. Provides a high amount of exp and is probably the last mob to kill you. It is also the most resistant mob.

Health PointsPowerAlacrityLuckFire ResistanceWater ResistanceFatal Blow Resistance
Caelum Succubus
Main mob
- Uses Demon Haste.
- Uses Pickpocket.
Has a respawn of 60 minutes, provides a very high amount of experience and is very dangerous if coupled with other monsters.

Health PointsPowerAlacrityLuckFire ResistanceWater ResistanceFatal Blow Resistance

Caelum Assassin
Should be lured.
Uses Snipe (Kills you through anything no matter what you do.)
Uses Typhoon Impulse that kills anyone if they stand together.

Caelum Sorcerer
Should be lured.
Uses Fire Rain that obliterates illusions.
Uses Meteor that kills everyone if you dont have arch/resistance.

Caelum Fighter
Should be lured.
They wont kill you but they dont provide high amounts of exp and luring these will make it easier to lure the other mobs.

Devil Minimum
Only reason it's there is for Demon Haste.
Should be lured if not.
Uses Minor Flame.
Uses Fiery Winds.

Survival Instinct
To get viability, teleport to Gardius Desert, bring a party member and let the mummys strike you when you have 0% abnormal resistance, have your party member stand close to you and watch them use their poison attack that will bring you down to 1 hp.

Theres also another way that is easier and doesn't require a party member. Go to Worten Road / Eastern Def Hills to these plants in the middle of the desert. One click on them will damage you for 10% of your hp. 10 clicks will bring you down to 1 hp.

 ^ Coordinates ^

  • Extremely high and fast physical damage (3000+ power). OR! very strong knowledge magic archer(s).
  1. Thief (Apachian / True Revenge)
  2. Squire (x12 + 3 frame)
  3. Champion (Preferably Snake Possession)
  4. Archer
  5. Lancer (Lance with human% damage)
  6. Knowledge Archer (20.000 or nothing at all)
  • ALL physical damagers should be in viability while hunting in Oasis!
  • A high amount of wind resistance if you hunt in a party.
  • A Fire mini-pet for First Aid.
  • Abnormal resistance +75%
  • A Priest and Fallen Angel is a must have if you wanna be efficient. Calling to next spawn point if the party is big (which is should be).
  • NEVER get hit.
How to not get hit:
LuckAlacrityAvoidanceTarget offensive capability ignored
3277130054%+At all costs

When you meet the requirements for Oasis it's time to find your grinding style. There are 2 very efficient ways to grind here.

Method: "Magical Damage"
This method is recommended for very highlevel and extremely geared players. It is also recommended to almost have a full party as this method requires lots of teamplay. This method is also the most fun.

What you need
1-2 Knowledge Archers
1 Thief, Squire or physical Archer
1 Priest/Fallen Angel
1 Spiritualist/Champion
1 Little Witch
1 Mage

Call from 1 to 6 using the Fallen Angel, make sure you call at a safe spot. (Check: Map of Oasis)
Start off by always having atleast 1 Devil Minimum drawn by the witch.
This skill makes a copy of the Demon, the copied demon will then use Demon Haste to haste your party giving every single member the fastest amount of attack speed their class can have.

Slash Soul on the Devil then use Magical Drawing a few times. Make sure you do this every time the first demon disappears.
Have the knowledge archer(s) position themselves on top of the Caelum Sorcerers since the sorcerer does not move and is a ranged creature this will make all the other creatures run towards the sorcerers and requires no luring if you have a melee character in your party.
Use demon hasted Waterfall with 125% weaken water resistance (optional).
Spiritualist should use Slash Soul on all mobs that doesn't take 20.000 damage.
Make sure you have a priest with buffs, Arch and Elemental Guardian on.
The witch can and should also spam Ultra Nova.
The physical damager should be focusing the High Elf and/or the mob with the most health points.
Mage should have the party buffed at all times.
The mobs should die in 10-20 seconds.

- Faster
- You get experience from all creatures
- Does not require any luring
- Even knowledge classes are useful
- Tons of fun
- The way its meant to be
- Does not require avoidance
- Does not require Survival Instinct
- Does not require wind resistance

- Can and will disconnect your character(s) frequently no matter how many effects you remove from the screen.
- Requires lots of manpower
- Requires lots of gear
- Sometimes the Caelum Sorcerers will use Meteor before the Arch of Divinity activates.
- There are 3~ high level witches in the game

Method: "Physical Damage"
This method I recommend having atleast 2 very strong physical damagers. A fallen angel and a mage for buffs.

What you need
1-2 Thief, Squire, Lancer, Champion or physical Archer
1 Fallen Angel
1 Mage

Call from 1 to 6 using the Fallen Angel, make sure you call at a safe spot. (Check: Map of Oasis)
Kill the mobs straight down using physical damagers while in Survival Instinct.
Make sure you have a priest with buffs (not Regeneration) and Arch on.
Mage should have the party buffed at all times.
The mobs should die in 10-20 seconds.

- Easier
- You (should) never die
- Does not require any fancy classes

- Requires a shit ton of damage to be efficient
- Being close to party members will make the Caelum Templar damage party members nearby
- Requires luring
- Requires Survival Instinct
- Requires fire mini-pet
- Requires wind resistance

If you have any questions feel free to comment!

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