Prinya: Maid Guide

Jan 1, 2017

Maid Guide

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Guide based on Maid.

The Maid class
Being a Maid in Red Stone is a completely different experience than what you're used to. You're gonna be stacking dishes, dusting and cleaning enemies as well as making them bleed by stripping your dress in front of them. Doesn't sound perfect to you? Well, the door is over there.

Single Target Damage: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Area of Effect Damage: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Defense: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Utility: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Difficulty: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Speciality: Jack of all trades, master of none

Great utility skills
Fast base weapon speed
High single target and area of effect damage
Requires little to no gear to be effective
Very easy to play
Overpowered at low level
High versatility with Demon Sorceress

Skill level dependant
No skill to pull enemies

Requirements should be acquired regardless of build
Be in Maid form when spending points

Blood Maid
Knowledge » 3 each level until » 1500 then » Power
Alacrity » 1 each level until » 300 then » Luck
Luck » 1 each level until » 1000 then » Power
Power » 0 each level

All skills are based of skill level 50
Scaling is based of 10 skill levels



Blessing of Instinct
Darkness and Fire crosses are now available for Maids but at 20% of the total effect. Cross prefixes gives the full effect.

Disrobe Dress
Elemental damage type is based on what type of cross you're using.

Punish Cleaning Disturbance
20% chance to stun the target for 2 seconds.

Massive Broom
Decreases the elemental resistance for all enemies hit by 31%(+0.5%).


Throwing Performance
Range of Naples Madness and Do Not Disturb Cleaning increased by 40.

Naples's Sadness
36%(+1%) chance to slow targets hit by 33% for 7 seconds.

Rampage Broom
Pulls enemies to the middle.

Gliding Dish
Damage is increased by 10% with each bounce.


To Wax The Floor
Physical damage dealt is increased by the amount of movement speed % you have.
Movement speed (up to 300%) × (1 + power ÷ 200)

From Now On Big Cleaning Start
Abnormal resistance is increased by 100% for 3 seconds after use.

Broom Advance
Increases base movement speed by 5% for each enemy you come in contact with for 15 seconds.
The awakening effect stacks with haste. Meaning you can have 2 haste buffs applied to you at the same time.

Ultimate Broom Rush
Increased radius from 150 to 200.


Broom Wielding [1]
Sweep the target with your broom.
Deals 100%(+20%) physical damage.
- 25%(+5%) increased attack speed.
- Gains 22(+4) CP.

Heavy Broom [2]
Accidently fall on the ground in front of your target.
Dealing 350%(+60%) physical damage to your main target twice and once all enemies within radius.
- 150 radius.
- Consumes 60(+10) CP.
- Gains 100(+20) CP.

Shake Broom [1]
Sweep the target with your broom.
Deals 100%(+20%) physical damage.
- 5%(+1%) accuracy.
- Gains 19(+3) CP.

Dust Sweep Up [3]
Sweep the target with your broom.
Deals 210%(+30%) physical damage.
- 1% chance to confuse the target for 3 seconds.
- Consumes 35(+5) CP.
- Gains 90(+15) CP.

Swing Everywhere [4]
Bash the target with your broom twice.
Deals 115%(+25%) physical damage each attack for 2 attacks.
- Consumes 60(+10) CP.
- Gains 100(+20) CP.

Broom Charge [2]
Charge to the target location.
Deals 100%(+20%) physical damage to all targets you come in contact with.
- 75 range knockback.
- Consumes 55(+8) CP.
- Gains 50(+10) CP.

Extreme Broom Rush [3]
Charge to the target location and then accidently fall.
Deals 450%(+80%) physical damage to the target and all targets within radius of the target.
- 150 radius.
- 50%(+5%) chance to stun all enemies for 1.81(+0.31) seconds.
- Consumes 80(+12) CP.
- Gains 50(+10) CP.

Chaotic Cleaning [3]
Activation skill.
75%(+10%) chance upon avoiding a hit to stun the target that struck you for 2 seconds.
- Consumes 26(+5) CP upon activation.

Evade the Filth [4]
Passive skill.
Increase avoidance by 5.9%(+1%).
- Max 8% avoidance.

Time to Sweep Now [5]
Charge to the target location.
Deals 425%(+70%) physical damage to all enemies you come in contact with 3(+0.5) times.
- 12%(+2%) increased movement speed.
- 3 seconds cooldown.
- Cannot be blocked.
- Max 4 attacks.
- Consumes 155(+20) CP.
- Gains 50(+10) CP.

Mess Up [2]
Sweep the target with your broom.
Deals 200%(+30%) physical damage.
- 150%(+20%) chance to knock the enemy back 300(+30) range and lower its movement speed by -35%(-5%) for 10 seconds.
- Consumes 130(+20) CP.
- Gains 150(+30) CP.

Do Not Disturb Cleaning [4]
Stab the target with your broom 5(+0.55) times.
Deals 330%(+70%) physical damage with each hit.
- Max 12 stabs.
- 0% to 30% reduced fire damage when used in pair with Strip Dress.
- Consumes 305(+50) CP.
- Gains 150(+30) CP.
+108 x12
+91,5 x11
+75 x10
+59.5 x9
+42 x8
+25.5 x7
+9 x6

Flying Saucer [3]
Throw dishes at the target that bounces to 7(+1) nearby enemies.
Deals 130% physical damage with each hit.
- 450 range.
- ? radius.
- ? max bounces.
- Can bounce on the same target more than once.
- Applies the full damage of Strip Dress.
- Consumes 162(+30) CP.
- Gains 105(+20) CP.

Rotating Broom [4]
Throw a spinning broom at the target location that spins in place for 5.5(+0.5) seconds.
Deals 125% physical damage to all enemies within radius every 0.5 seconds.
- 150 radius.
- 500 range.
- 3 seconds cooldown.
- Applies the full damage of Strip Dress.
- Consumes 190(+35) CP.

Naple's Madness [5]
Throw 3(+0.5) dishes at 10 targets targeting you or your party.
Deals 375%(+75%) physical damage.
- 35%(+7%) increased animation speed.
- 0% to 30% reduced fire damage when used in pair with Strip Dress.
- Max 10 targets.
- Max 3 dishes.
- 450 radius.
- Consumes 305(+50) CP.
- Gains 200(+40) CP.

Wiry Perspective [3]
Activation skill.
35%(+5%) chance on critical hit to increase double critical strike damage of that hit by 85%(+15%).
- Consumes 10(+1.1) CP per second while active.

Strip Dress [2]
Activation skill,
45%(+5%) chance to add 780 fire damage to each of your damage tick(s).
- Consumes 10.9(+1) CP per second while active..

Recycle Health [3]
Passive skill.
Increase health points by 950(+150).

Broom Mastery [4]
Passive skill.
Increase hard blow chance by 7.5%(+1.5%).
- Hard blow is (normal damage × 3) and cannot be resisted by players or creatures.
- Max 15%.

Save My Master [5]
Activation skill.
19.70%(+3%) chance to become immune to all damage for 1 second upon getting hit.
- Consumes 55(+10) CP.

Nacriemar's Blessing [2]
Passive skill.
Increase luck by 172(+30).

Cleaning Preparation: Sweep Up [1]
Clean your surroundings over 0.94(-0.06) seconds.
- Gains 35(+5) CP.

Cleaning Preparation: Wipe Away [2]
Clean your surroundings over 1.88(-0.13) seconds,
Increases your physical damage by 7%(+1%).
Increases your movement speed by 15%.
15(+2) duration.
- Consumes 50(+10) CP.
- Gains 80(+15) CP.

Cleaning Preparation: Sanitize [4]
Clean your surroundings over 1.25 seconds.
Increases your physical damage by 10%.
Increases your defense by 2.
Increases your concentration by 10%.
10 seconds duration.
- Consumes 25(+5) CP.
- Gains 110(+20) CP.

Maid Leader's Dignity [5]
Passive skill.
Increase concentration by 60%(+10%).


Nacriemar's Blessing » [10]
Passive luck.

Life Recycle » [10]
Passive health points.

Heavy Broom » [50]
CP gainer.

Strip Dress » [50]
Add massive fire damage to your attacks.

Do not Disturb Cleaning » [50]
Main single target damage source.

Nacriemar's Blessing » [50]

Shade Wing » [50] (Demon Sorceress skill)
Self haste buff.

Flying Saucer » [40]
Main area of effect damage source.

Magical Forcefield: Pestilence » [50] (Demon Sorceress skill)
Needed for awakening.

(Awaken as a Diabloic Lady)

Flying Saucer » [50]

Treasure Sets
Level: 75
Area: Cancer's Windpipe B3
Spawn: 50 minutes

Level: 190
Area: Dungeon 'Di' in Rivermouth B2
Spawn: 60 minutes

Level: 295
Area: Swep Tower 8F
Spawn: 5 hours and 38 minutes

Level: 330
Area: Southern Trum Forest
Area: Swep Tower B6
Spawn: 7 hours and 38 minutes

Level: 425
Area: Digged up Ossuary B6
Spawn: 9 hours and 38 minutes

Level: 535
Area: Cave of Cursed Mizna B2
Spawn: 10 hours and 38 minutes

Level: 580
Area: Golden Swamp Cave B3
Spawn: 11 hours and 45 minutes

Level: 650
Area: Forest of Time 3
Spawn: 12 hours and 50 minutes

Shaggy Dog's Grattitude
Mainly used for the CP bonus it provides at a very low level. The base speed is also the lowest amount you can get.

Ultimatum from a Nagger (Gambler Weapon)
Currently the highest average DPS weapon in the game against non-human targets.

Palm's Fan
The NX version of this weapon is used for all the elemental damage it provides.

Shaman's Wand - Demon Buster
Low base attack speed and high knowledge amounts with a fair bit of light damage, perfect for low level.

Branch of the World Tree
This weapon is gotten from the rental NPC and is perfect for low levels providing high amounts of HP%, attack speed and skill level.

Tickling Tool for Toture
An extremely good weapon versus monsters without any critical hit resistance.

Cursed Black Broom
High overall DPS weapon.

Dust Gust
High overall DPS weapon.

Form Guard
Is mainly used for the extreme CP bonus and attack speed at a very low level.

Iron Maiden
Perfect class unique armor with attack speed with some decent defensive stats at a low level.

Just straight out the best earring you can get on a maid, gives you pretty much everything you need except the light weakening but that can also be good in some situations where you have an Opticalist buff or high light elemental damage from items.

Status of Dame Katarina
Straight out the best DX class unique armor in the entire game. The stats this item provides is just beyond our comprehension. Opening the second NX slot gives you even more DP%.

King of Elemental
Godlike item that will probably never be found because of how rare it is. It is the best in slot crown for Maids and Demon Sorceress though.

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  1. Do you eventually awaken the maid skills after getting the diabolic lady passive? or do you actually awaken the self haste buff and pestilence?