Prinya: Preparations & Plans

Nov 26, 2014

Preparations & Plans

In preparation for tommorrow 02:00 27th of november GMT+1 / CET. 

Me and Erina will be playing together starting next week or the week after that I'm not sure. From the beginning I'm gonna start off smooth and not throw myself at the game the first thing I do. I will try to make as much money as possible and finish the most important stuff. Getting gear will also be a huge priority.

Erina will be playing a champion with the same build as before, I will switch from princess to little witch. I wont be playing bottle princess anymore but merely a very tanky version of the witch support. I'm mainly gonna focus on setting up the PvP side for Prinya. While Erina is gonna focus on PvE.

I'm planning on blogging alot during this time so make sure you read my blog every day!

Let the hunting, begin.

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