Prinya: Werewolf Guide

Oct 22, 2018

Werewolf Guide

Artwork made by Victoria Galanina
Artwork edited by Marekatrek.
Game and skill icons made by L&K Logic Korea
For further questions, post a comment and I will answer.
Guide based on Werewolf.

The Werewolf
Are powerful melee damage dealers. They become enraged when struck with their activation skills. They bounce around, leeching and tearing enemies to shreds with their claws.

Single Target Damage: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Area of Effect Damage: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Defense: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Movement: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Difficulty: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Specialty: Single target damage and utility

Awakening power spike at 300
Great activation skills that can activate through walls
High versatility with Magician
With CP bonus, activation skills gain CP
Can use Claws
Relatively low CP usage
Large amounts of single target damage
Free life leech from awakening

Lacks effective reliable area of effect damage
No good defensive skill

Stats may vary greatly depending on other stat sources.
Be in Werewolf form when spending points

Rending Wolf
Power » 3 each level
Health » 1 each level until 1000 then Power

All skills are based on skill level 50
Scaling is based on 10 skill levels


Wolf Claws [1]
Claw your target for 100%(+20%) physical damage.
NEW! 25%(+5%) increased attack speed.
- Gains 22(+4) CP.

Iron Claws [2]
Claw your target for 210%(+40%) physical damage.
NEW! Causes the target to bleed for 100% of damage dealt every second for 6 seconds.
- Uses 80(+15) CP.
- Gains 125(+25) CP.

Flame Claws [2]
Claw your target for 100%(+20%) physical damage and 130~180(+25~35) fire damage.
NEW! Hits 4.5(+0.7) times.
NEW! Maximum 6 times.
- Uses 60(+10) CP.
- Gains 75(+15) CP.

Grand Claws [3]
Claw targets in front of you for 200%(+40%) physical damage.
NEW! 600 cone radius.
- Uses 135(+20) CP.
- Gains 125(+25) CP.

Chained Claws [4]
Claw your target 7 times over 7 hits, dealing 175%(+35%) physical damage each single damage tick.
- Total damage from 1 skill use is 8575%(+1715%).
- Total damage from 1 skill use with awakening is 85750%(+1715%).
- Total of 49 single damage ticks per skill use.
- Uses base attack speed.
- Melee range.
- Uses 250(+35) CP.
- Gains 177(+30) CP.

Wolf Fangs [1]
Bite your target for 75%(+15%) physical damage.
- 5%(+1%) additional accuracy.
- Gains 30(+6) CP.

Poison Fangs [2]
Bite your target with a poisonous fang, dealing 75%(+15%) physical damage and another 101(+20) earth damage every second for 12(+2) seconds.
- Uses 20 CP.
- Gains 60(+12) CP.

Hydrophobia [3]
Bite your target for 110%(+20%) physical damage.
- 50% chance to confuse the target for 18(+3) seconds.
- Uses 40 CP.
- Gains 100(+20) CP.

Bite Hanging [4]
Grip your target with your fangs, dealing 115%(+20%) physical damage twice every second for 60(+10) seconds.
- Hits per second (max 2.0)
Skill level 10: 1.4
Skill level 20: 2.0
Skill level 30: 2.0
Skill level 40: 2.0
Skill level 50: 2.0
NEW! Reduces targets movement speed by -99.5%(+10%).
- Reduces your own avoidance by -15% while gripping.
- Uses 250(+40) CP.
- Gains 135(+25) CP.

Vampiric Bite [4]
NEW! Bite the target for 250%(+10%) physical damage.
- Absorbs 45%(+5%) of damage done.
NEW! Uses 185(+25) CP.
NEW! Gains 110(+20) CP.

Rolling Crash [2]
Roll towards to your target, dealing 220%(+40%) physical damage on contact.
- Charges at the target.
- 400(+10) maximum range.
- Uses 75(+12) CP.
- Gains 110(+22) CP.

Claw Roller [2]
Charge towards your target and bite it with your fang, dealing 100%(+20%) physical damage.
- Charges at the target.
- 400(+10) maximum range.
- Uses 60(+10) CP.
- Gains 70(+14) CP.

Burning Roll [3]
Roll and create a burning orb that slowly moves in the direction of your dealing 210~250(+40~40) fire damage on contact with an enemy.
NEW! Range ???
- Uses 140(+20) CP.
- Gains 125(+25) CP.

Bouncing Linear [4]
Roll towards your target and bounce against it, dealing 250%(+40%) physical damage on contact with enemies.
- 10%(+2%) additional accuracy.
NEW! ???% increased critical strike.
- Bounces 12(+2) times.
- Can bounce on the same target more than once.
- 30 minimum range.
NEW! ??? maximum range.
- 300 maximum radius around your target to find a new target.
- Uses 330(+50) CP.
- Gains 200(+40) CP.

Flash Tackle [4]
Charge up over a very small period of time and then instantly teleport to the (target) location, dealing 250%(+50%) physical damage and 10~810(+0~160) light damage on contact.
- Enemies standing between you and your target also takes damage.
- 8%(+1%) additional accuracy.
- 5% additional critical chance.
- Blinds the target(s) for 3 seconds.
- 150 minimum range.
- 450 maximum range.
- Uses 291(+45) CP.
- Gains 200(+40) CP.

Moon Cry [1]
Passive skill.
Increases critical strike chance by 37.5%(+7%) when the target has 50% or less HP.

Full Moon [2]
Activation skill.
Every 7 seconds you howl and nearby enemies.
85% chance to reduce enemies movement speed by -54.5%(-7%).
85% chance to reduce enemies attack speed by -34.5%(-5%).
- Debuff lasts 7 seconds.
- 1200(+200) radius.
- Hits and pulls enemies through walls.
- Can only be activated against an enemy 50(+10) levels higher or lower than yourself.
- Requires 40(+5) CP.
- Gains 20(+4) CP.

Hatred Growling [3]
Activation skill.
Every 7 seconds you howl at nearby enemies.
50% chance to reduces enemies damage by -50%(+8%), avoidance by -10.2%(-1%) and accuracy by -25%(+4%) for 18(+1) seconds.
- 600 radius.
- Hits and pulls enemies through walls.
- Requires 85(+10) CP.
- Gains 20(+2) CP.

Lunatic Howling [4]
Activation skill.
Every 7 seconds you howl at nearby enemies.
85%(+10%) chance to confuse enemies for 18(+1) seconds.
85%(+10%) chance to lower dropped system and abnormal resistance by -35%(-5%) for 8 seconds.
- 350 radius.
- Hits and pulls enemies through walls.
- Requires 135(+15) CP.
- Gains 30(+4) CP.

Howling Blast [5]
How at all nearby enemies, dealing 220~280(+40~40) fire damage to all enemies within radius.
NEW! Lowers targets fire resistance by -25%(-4%).
- 410(+20) radius.
- Uses 280(+30) CP.
- Gains 50(+10) CP.

Emotion Burst [1]
Passive skill.
Upon getting struck by an enemy there's a 80%(+10%) chance you become enraged.
Increases your defense and magic resistance by 20%(+3%).
Stacks up to 5 times.
- 10(+1) seconds duration.

Instinct Terminator [2]
Passive skill.
Upon getting struck by an enemy.
Increase abnormal resistance by 30%(+5%).
- 2 seconds duration.
- Uses 110(+20) CP.
- Gains 125(+25) CP.

Eye of the Beast [3]
Activation skill.
Upon getting struck by an enemy.
38%(+5%) chance to increase your magic critical strike chance by 12%(+2%) and hard blow chance by 8%(+1.2%).
- 7 seconds duration.
- Requires 30 CP.

Displacement [4]
Attempt to mind control the target.
40%(+5%) chance to take control of the target, allows you to see through the targets eyes and run around using the targets body.
- All of the targets allies becomes enemies upon getting displaced. Meaning your enemies will be able to attack the targets body.
- Your body will dead on the ground while controlling an enemy.
- Can only be activated against an enemy 25(+10) levels higher or lower than yourself.
- Uses 260(+40) CP.

Beast Berserker [5]
Enter a berserker rage.
Increasing your physical damage dealt by 200%(+40%).
NEW! Attack speed by 25%(+3%).
NEW! Movement speed by 35%(+3%) .
Accuracy by 10%(+2%).
NEW! Fire damage dealt by 35%(+5%).
Decreases your defense by -15 and -25%.
- Lasts 280(+50) seconds.
- Uses 520(+80) CP.
- Gains 500(+100) CP.


Blood Berserker

Awakening Blood
If the target is bleeding, absorb 2% of the damage dealt to the target. When you receive damage from an enemy, that damage cannot exceed 25% of your maximum health.
NEW! This passive works against any enemy regardless of resistance.

Vampire Claw
Damage increased from 175%(+35%) to 1750%(+35%).
Total damage from 1 skill use is 85750%(+1715%).

Lycanthrope Fang
Reduces the targets fatal blow resistance by 10%.

Blood Beast Berserker
Damage dealt applies bleed for 100% of initial damage dealt every 1 seconds for 6 seconds while active.
Bleed doesn't stack with itself, meaning only the highest damage dealt will be applied for bleeding.

Flame Berserker

Burning Heart
Damage dealt ignores 40% of the targets fire resistance.

Burning Sphere
Roll and create a burning orb that slowly moves in the direction of your cursor.
The burning orb explodes, dealing damage to enemies within radius.
2 seconds cooldown.

Full Moon Overflow
Changed to active skill.
Stuns you for 1 second when used.
Activation chance increased to 100%.

Howl of Eruption
Radius increased by 100.

Wolf-Berserker of Madness

Guide to Madness
Increases critical strike chance by 25% and causes your skills to ignore 15% of the targets fatal blow resistance.

Rebounding Linear
Now deals additional damage equal to 100% of your total HP.

Howl of the Lunatic
85%(+10%) chance to stun enemies for 1.5 seconds.

Growling of Confusion


Rending Wolf

Grand Claw » [1]
Great area damage at low level.

Chained Claws » [15]
Deal great damage to a single enemy target within melee range.

Beast Berserker » [50]
Buff yourself for a long period of time.

Moon Cry » [50]
Passively increases critical strike chance against enemies with less than half HP.

Chained Claws » [50]

Emotion Burst » [50]
Increase your defense and magic resistance when struck.

Instinct Terminator » [50]
Increase your resistances when struck.

(Awaken as Blood Berserker)

(Awaken Chained Claws into » Vampire Claw)
Greatly increases the damage. Required.

(Awaken Beast Berserker into » Bloody Berserker Rage)
Causes your damage to bleed enemies for tons of damage.

Treasure Sets
Level Area Spawn
75 Ruined Sibine Fortress - Barracks B1 50 minutes
190 Salty Cave B4 60 minutes
295 Swep Tower 8F 5 hours and 38 minutes
385 Southern Trum Forest 7 hours and 38 minutes
450 Swep Tower B13 9 hours and 38 minutes
470 Short Cuts to Dark Elf Palace 10 hours and 38 minutes
580 Golden Swamp Cave B3 11 hours and 45 minutes
650 6th floor of Molinar Tower 12 hours and 50 minutes

Recommended Uniques
Heart Detacher

Dino Tusk

Iron Claw Ultimate

Tiger Claw

Hot-Dog Bone

Official Rig


  1. soo wolfs dont neeed alc now? also what aura is good? ty for the guides really helps alot <3

    1. No Rending has fixed accuracy so it will miss and hit regardless of what your alacrity and luck is. Also fire aura is the best.

    2. Rending... Chained Claw/Vampire Claw?

    3. Yes, it used to be called Claws of Rending Flesh. But yea, Chained Claw / Vampire Claw like you said.

  2. Bounce Linear (hp) and Fire Wolf Builds pls