Prinya: Guild Dungeons

Mar 28, 2018

Guild Dungeons

➤ Guild members assemble a team of 2 or more party members in the guild hall.

➤ All party members must have a ticket based on the floor they want to enter.
→ A ticket can be trade with Archaeologist Gran in the guild hall for tantilis relic pieces or complete tantilis relics.
→ If all party members possess a cosmic stone or a grow portal sphere, they count as a ticket to all guild dungeons.

➤ Your guild hall level dictates the maximum floor of guild dungeon you can do.
→ If all party members carry a cosmic stone or a grow portal sphere, you can enter a guild dungeon regardless of guild hall level.

➤ Although there is no level restriction for entering each guild dungeon floor, tantilis relic pieces or mysterious stone pieces do not drop when the level of the player killing the creatures are not appropriate for the guild dungeon floor.

➤ You can enter a guild dungeon a maximum of 2 times per day.
→ If you possess a cosmic stone, you can enter a total of 3 times per day.

➤ The leader of the party must speak to all NPCs and start all guild dungeon explorations.
→ An NPC will follow the leader around until told not to follow. This NPC will heal all party members and restore all charge points if asked to. Up to a maximum of 10 times per guild dungeon.

➤ At the start of each guild dungeon, there is a chance additional monsters spawn. The additional monsters  has a relatively high chance of dropping tantilis relic pieces or mysterious stone pieces.

➤ If you return to town, the guild dungeon for that time will be lost and you will not be able to return.

➤ When reaching the end of the dungeon or killing the final boss of the dungeon, a countdown timer starts, when the timer reaches 0 all members returns to the guild hall automatically.

➤ If there are four or more party members, monsters general level will rise and you will be able to fight extra bosses by speaking to the Necromancer.

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