Prinya: Awakening


The Awakening is a subclass system that splits your class into 3 subclasses, all of them can be viewed down below.
  • To awaken your skills you need to do the Awakening quest.
  • The quest to awaken your class skills requires level 300.
  • You can only obtain 1 passive skill.
  • You can only obtain 1 main skill (the first skill after passive).
  • You can not obtain a skill from a different class. (Ex: an awakened princess cannot obtain awakened witch skills.)
  • The skill you want to awaken has to be max level (50).
  • Awakening a skill of the same subclass requires 3500 skill points.
  • Awakening a skill of another subclass requires 7000 skill points.
  • Using a Reskill will let you choose a new Awakening and awaken new skills.
  • You need the main skill of a subclass to awaken that subclass but you dont need to spend the skill points to awaken it.
  • To awaken a skill from a different subclass you need to have awakened all skills from your current subclass first.

Click on class icon to view awakening for that class.

Currently Musketeer and Alchemist doesn't have awakenings.