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Nov 14, 2014

Squire Guide

Game and skill icons by L&K Logic Korea
All text and other images made by Prii
For further questions, post a comment and I will answer.

The Squire class
Is a tanky damager class, rushing into battle with their shield they can lay waste to everything they come in contact with. Having extremely quick weapons and high amounts of block gives them the offense and defense they need to win any fight. Their only weakness is their low range and area attacks.

Single Target Damage: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Area of Effect Damage: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Movement: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Speciality: Single Target Damage, Defense and Speed

- High amounts of single target damage
- Annihilates any mob with ease
- Blocking is the best source of damage reduction in the game
- Top damager in PvP
- Extremely hard to kill

- Low amounts of area of effect damage
- Utility skills are somewhat annoying and buggy to use
- Little to no variety in builds
- A shit ton of useless skills
- Somewhat useless transformation (For now)

A squire excels in melee combat, so walking up to a target a slashing them is the best way to kill something.
Dance of Illusion is your main damager skill and should be maxed for killing speed.
Sudden Strike is a very good CP gainer and also ignores the targets avoidance from items.
Shield of Magical Protection is by far the best shield skill in the game, with the insanely high cap at 85% this skill will reduce the damage you take by very high amounts.
Mighty Will is a very good activation skill that will give you free abnormal resistance.
Vision Protective Goggle is a good skill for PvP that will reduce targets avoidance and damage output.
Twirling Protector is a good knowledge skill that sends out a twister that will damage targets in an AoE, good for grinding.
War Cry is good for stunning targets or simply doing AoE knowledge damage.
Rush of Steel can be used if you're not using Shield of Magical Protection, it's a charge skill that will take you to your targets even if your movement is impaired.
Berserk Rampage can be used with Shield of Magical Protection and also has a much higher range than Rush of Steel. Can also be used even if movement is impaired.
Wild Dance can be used as a power AoE skills, though not very good it is the only one a squire have.

The squire is a monster in PvP, their damage is huge and can be too much to handle for some.
Rushing into targets with Berserk Rampage and then annihilating them with Dance of Illusion is the best way to kill enemies in PvP.
Squire has a very low base attack speed on their eternals, use this to your advantage.
Even if charge skills can be buggy sometimes they will still take you to the place you click even if you dont see it on your screen.
Remember to always have Shield of Magical Protection up.

Requirements should be acquired regardless of build
- Power - Is squires passive stat and main source of physical damage.
- Health - Is is needed to survive attacks.
- Alacrity - Is needed to for accuracy and avoidance.
- Luck - Is needed for accuracy and avoidance.
- Knowledge - Is squires main source of magic damage.
- Charisma - Is not needed by squires.
- Wisdom - Is not needed by squires.

1# Knight
- Power - 1 each level
- Health - 1 each level until 300 then Luck.
- Alacrity - 1 each level
- Luck - 1 each level

2# Tempest
- Knowledge - 2 each level
- Health - 2 each level until 800 then Knowledge.


(Eternal, Irregular Arian, Legendary Sword)
- Attack Speed
- Damage


(Safe Cage, Drake Plume, Soldier of War Drum, Mistral Loon, Reflection Coating)
- Health Points (%)
- Defensive Capability (%)

Class Armor

(Buddy Trust, Karls Padding)
- Skill Level
- Attack Speed


(Trap Revealer, Big Burglar Shoes, Statue Boots)
- Luck
- Alacrity
- Movement Speed (%)


(Form Guard, Hands of Adversary, Butterfly Sting, Hands of Father, Massgrip, Schildheim, Sturmwind)
- Attack Speed


(Anti Charger, Chain Square, Curse of Sig, Frozencoil, Twin Carl, Knights Belt)
- Luck
- Health


(Stray Stalker, Phoenix Necklace)
- Luck
- Health Points (%)
- Skill Level

Circlet and Helmet

(Florence Circlet, Dark Visor, Ground Amplifier)
- Luck
- Health Points (%)
- Skill Level
- Knowledge


(White Aura, Heros Proof)
- Health Points


(Hard Fist, Warm Breeze, Mustasche of Nimressad, Shark Fin, Rebirth Rings)
- All abnormal resistances
- Fatal blow resistance
- Abnormal resistance
- Dropped system resistance
- Decisive blow resistance
- Curse resistance


(Sword Blocker, Divine Fortress, MPDF)
- Attack speed
- Skill Level

- All skills are based of skill level 50
- Bold text shows scaling
- Scaling is based of 1 skill level

Descending Slice
Strike your target, dealing 100% physical damage with 25%(+0.5%) increased attack speed and -1% accuracy.

Swing at your target, dealing 100% physical damage with 5%(+0.1%) increased accuracy.

Angled Slice
Slash your target, dealing 210% physical damage with 25%(+0.5%) increased chance to critically hit.

Stabbing Attack
Stab your target, dealing 160% physical damage with 10%(+0.2%) increased accuracy.

Wild Dance
Swing your sword in a circle around you, dealing 200% physical damage with 6%(+0.15%) increased accuracy to all targets caught the swing.
- Very low range.

Improved Defenses
Activation skill, sets your base chance to block at 35%(+0.7%).
- Does not stack with other base block chance.
- Very slow blocking speed.

Shield of Thorns
Activation skill, whenever you take physical damage in melee range, immediately counter attack the attacker dealing 150% physical damage.

Solid Defenses
Turn on skill, when activated increases your defense capability by 100%(+2%), defense by 5, increases the max chance to block by 10%(+0.2%) and sets your base block chance at 60%(+1%).
- If you attack while this skill is active it will turn off immediately and have to be reapplied.

Dance of Shield Defense
Activation skill, sets your base chance to block at 30%(+0.5%).
- Does not stack with other base block chance.
- Very fast blocking speed.

Shield of Magical Protection
Buffs an allied target or yourself with your shield, sets their base chance to block at 40%(+0.8) for 555(+10) seconds.
- Does not stack with other base block chance.
- Completely ignores blocking speed.
- Sacrifices your shield, you will not be able to use skills that requires a shield.
- Can be used on oneself or allies.

Forceful Slam
Knock your target with your shield, dealing 24-64 physical damage and have a 58%(+0.2%) chance to knock them back.
- Has a very slow attack speed.
- Knockback range: 2.3m(+0.1)

Shield of Bitterness
Knock your target with your shield, dealing 55-105 physical damage aswell as having a 50%(+0.2%) chance to stun the target for 1.81 seconds(+0.021) and also has a 58%(+0.2%) chance to knock them back.
- Has a very slow attack speed.
- Knockback range: 1.5m(+0.02)

Rush of Steel
Charges to the target location, dealing 225% physical damage on impact with an enemy. Also increases your defense by 25(+0.2) for 1.5 seconds.
- Range: 1.5m

Shield Throw
Throws your shield like a boomerang at a target, dealing 90-290 physical damage.
- Sacrifices your shield, you will not be able to use your shield until the shield returns.

Twirling Protector
Summon a whirling twister that slowly moves to the target location, dealing 165-315 wind damage to all targets caught in it. Has a 75% chance to stun targets for 3 seconds.

Mighty Will
Activation skill, have a 85%(+1%) chance to go into a defensive mode whenever you're struck increasing defense by 42(+1), stun resistance by 100% and abnormal resistance by 75%(+1.5%) versus that attack.

Blinding Steel
Throws your sword at the target, dealing 600% physical damage with 100% accuracy and 5%(+0.1%) chance to crush while also replaces your sword with your blade for 20(-0.6) seconds or until you pick it up again.
- Your blade replaces your sword.
- Your sword can be picked up.
- With enough skill level this skill can be used over and over.

Vision Protecetive Goggle
Has a 95% chance to challenge the target to a duel, decreasing their avoidance by 7%(+0.1%) for 40 seconds.
- Also decreases the targets damage by a huge amount for a small period of time.

Giant's Strength
Flex your muscles over 1.88 seocnds, increases CP by 80(+1.5), damage by 7%(+0.1), movement speed by 15% for 15(+0.2) seconds.

War Cry
Let out a powerful roar, dealing 225-425 wind damage to targets within range with a 100% chance to stun them for 7(+0.1) seconds.
- Range: 4m(+0.3)

Sudden Strike
Strike your target with sudden movement, dealing 215% physical damage with 5% accuracy while ignoring their avoidance from items.
- Ignores the avoidance(%) from items.

Scything Blade
Spin around your target striking them 4 times, dealing 175% physical damage with 20%(+0.4%) increased avoidance for 2 seconds.

Blade Fury
Continuously strike the target 8 times, dealing 133% physical damage with each hit.

Dance of Illusion
Summon 7 illusions to strike the target, dealing 250% physical damage with each hit.

Berserk Rampage
Charges to the target location, dealing 700% physical damage and 205-235 fire damage with 10%(+0.2) increased accuracy on impact with an enemy.
- Range: 2 to 5m.

1# Knight
1. Sudden Strike [50]
2. Dance of Illusion [50]
3. Shield of Magical Protection[50]
4. Mighty Will [50]
5. War Cry [50]
6. Vision Protective Goggle [50]

2# Tempest
1. Twirling Protector [50]
2. Shield of Magical Protection [50]
3. Mighty Will [50]
4. War Cry [50]

Feel free to give me constructive feedback on how I can improve my guides. Just leave a comment down below.

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