Prinya: Necromancer Guide

Jan 4, 2016

Necromancer Guide

GAME RED STONE by L&K Logic Korea
PRINYA Necromancer Guide
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The Necromancer
Is the epitome of the offensive support classes, they specialize in debuffing and deals damage by swapping their knowledge into power at will. They can be built a wide variety of ways with extreme versatility. Their strength in PvP is unmatched while their usefulness in PvE is unparalleled. However, playing the Necromancer as your main character can be a tedious job for even the most experienced players because of their difficulty and rough early game.

Single Target Damage: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Area of Effect Damage: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆
Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Utility: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Speciality: Debuffing

Very tanky
Useful for most ingame activities
Strong debuffing abilities
Very high PvP power
Extreme amounts of versatility
5 stat points per level

Low range and radius on spells and skills
No utility
Very unique build
Have a hard time against a wide variety of monsters
Very specific gear requirements
Very hard early game

Requirements should be acquired regardless of build

Reversal Build
Knowledge » 2 each level
Wisdom » 1 each level until » 800 then » Knowledge
Health » 1 each level until » 300 then » Knowledge

All skills are based of skill level 50
Scaling is based of 10 skill levels

Bloodsucking Attack [0]
Whenever you deal damage to an enemy, heal for 3% of the damage done.

Plentiful Doll's Clothing [0]
Passively increases avoidance by 5%.

Hand of Exploitation [0]
Whenever your pet or illusion takes damage, recharge CP based on 10% of damage taken.

Cotton Ball [1]
Attack the target and enemies within radius with whatever weapon you can find, dealing 100% physical damage with 5%(+1%) accuracy.
- Fixed range of 100(1m).
- Necromancers can use any weapon in the game except bows and brooms.
- Gains 31(+6) CP.
- 150 radius.

Blind [1]
Activation skill, every 5 seconds you have a 100%(+10%) chance to blind all targets within 350(+20) radius for 23(+4) seconds.
- Requires 100(+20) CP.
- This skill works on self.

Mediumism [2]
Attempt to convert the target to become your slave, have a 35%(+5%) chance to convert an undead target of (your level + 0)(+10) and monster level 2 or below. Upon successfully converting a monster, increase its stats by 150 and physical damage by 50% and reduce its level to (your level × 0.7)(+0.04) of original level.
- Maximum of 1 undead slave.
- 100 range.
- Maximum of 75% of original level.
- Consumes 30 CP.

Slumber [4]
Attempt to put the target to sleep, have a 65%(+5%) chance to force the target to enter deep sleep for 59(+10) seconds.
- Max 80% chance to put the target to sleep.
- 250 range.
- Target health points must be under 65%.
- Any damage caused will awaken the target.
- Consumes 230 CP.
- Gains 25 CP.

Reversal [5]
Reverses the stats of yourself and all enemy targets within 200 radius, converting power to knowledge and alacrity to wisdom for 210(+30) seconds. If power is your highest stat, your damage will also be increased by 100%. If knowledge is your highest stat, your skill level will be increased by 3.
- Can be cleansed by medicine, will be cleansed by Redemption and Freedom.
- Consumes 550 CP.
- Gainas 100 CP.

Devil Illusion [1]
Summon an demon illusion at the target location, drawing the attention of all monsters within 500(+50) radius. The illusion will have 260%(+40%) of your health and will last for 275(+50) seconds. Whenever the illusion takes damage, deal 900 darkness damage to all enemies within radius and destroy the illusion.
- 300 radius.
- Maximum of 1 illusion can be summoned at a time.
- Consumes 55 CP.

Damage Pool [2]
Activation skill, apply a buff every 5 seconds that absorb the physical damage 5(+1) of your party members take by 30%(+5%) but spreads it evenly to all party members affected.
- Maximum of 7 party members can be affected by Damage Pool.
- Damage Pool lasts for 6 seconds upon being applied.
- Max 50% damage absorbed.
- Requires 51 CP.
- 1200 range.

Plot of Shadow [3]
Torture yourself for 25 darkness damage per second for 10(+1) seconds, after 10(+1) seconds your inflict the pain on the target instead, dealing 150 darkness damage 300 darkness damage for each second that you tortured yourself, for a maximum of 150 darkness damage 300 darkness damage 12 times.
- Consumes 150 CP.
- 250 range.
- Gains 100 CP.
- Max 12 seconds of torturing.
- Max 12 damage factors.

Prophecy of Death [4]
Invoke a prophecy on the target and all enemies within radius that deals 200% physical damage and converts 25%(+3%) 40%(+6%) of the targets current health to first aid for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds, the health is lost.
- 500 range.
- Consumes 590 CP.
- Consumes 175 CP.
- Max 50% first aid.
- Max 200% physical damage.
- Countered by curse resistance.
- 250 radius.

Marionette [5]
Take control of an allied pet for 160(+20) seconds, increasing its stats by 210(+30%).
- Consumes 150 CP.
- Max 250% stats.
- 3 seconds cast time.
- 180 seconds cooldown.
- While controlling a pet, movement will be restricted whenever the pet tries to engage in combat.

Lower Accuracy [2]
Debuff the target and all enemies within 150 radius, lowering their accuracy and avoidance by -60%(-10%) for 130(+20) seconds.
- Consumes 105 CP.
- Gains 75 CP.
- 500 range.
- Countered by dropped system resistance and also lowers the duration.

Lower Resistance [3]
Debuff the target and all enemies within 150 radius, lowering the elemental resistances by -30%(-5%) for 60 seconds.
- Consumes 210 CP.
- 400 range.
- Countered by dropped system resistance and also lowers the duration.

Lower Might [3]
Debuff all targets within 450(+50) radius of yourself, lowering their damage by -175%(-30%), defense by -125%(-20%), movement speed by -50%(-5%) and attack speed by -35%(-5%) for 210(+30) seconds.
- Consumes 275 CP.
- Gains 55 CP.
- Countered by dropped system resistance and also lowers the duration.

Lower Level [4]
Debuff the target, have a 100%(+15%) chance to lower its level by -160(-30) for 130(+20) seconds.
- Knowledge, power, health and charisma is lowered based on how many levels that was debuffed.
- Monsters affected by this skill can be tamed by a tamer, the taming will treat the monster as if its level was lowered.
- Consumes 350 CP.
- Gains 100 CP.
- 10 seconds cooldown.

Impulse [5]
Apply impulse to the target, if it doesn't successfully hit someone within 4.5(-0.1) seconds, it will explode dealing 680 darkness damage 830 darkness damage to all targets within radius.
- Minimum 4 seconds.
- 2 seconds cast time.
- Consumes 210 CP.
- Gains 50 CP.
- 250 range.
- 180 radius.

Blood Drain [2]
Debuff the target and all enemies within radius, all allies striking the target will heal for 25%(+4%) of the damage they deal.
- Consumes 85 CP.
- 200 range.
- 180 radius.

Self-Conscience [3]
Apply a debuff to the target and all enemies within radius for 30 seconds, increases their attack speed and reduces their accuracy aswell as causing them to take 330 darkness damage when they miss their strike.
- Consumes 115 CP.
- 400 range.
- 180 radius.

Dark Torture [3]
Apply a debuff to the target and all enemies within radius for 220(+40) seconds, causing them to take 90 darkness damage 575 darkness damage when they try to strike.
- Consumes 175 CP.
- 400 range.
- 180 radius.

Degenerate [4]
Apply a debuff to the target, if it recieves a heal within 10 seconds it will take 175%(+30%) of the heal as true damage.
- Completely negated by curse resistance.
- Consumes 80 CP.

Smell of Death [5]
Apply a buff to yourself for 530(+100) seconds that causes all your Cotton Ball strikes to deal 77 darkness damage 385 darkness damage and reduce the targets abnormal and dropped system resistance by -54%(-10%) and curse resistance by -60%.
- Consumes 445 CP.

Horrible Vision [1]
Apply poison to all enemies within radius that deals 6 land damage every second for 53(+10) seconds.
- 1 second cast time.
- 150 radius.
- Gains 35 CP if it hits atleast one target.

Phantom Impulse [1]
Use your negative CP to deal damage to your target, deals darkness damage equal to 100%(+10%) of your negative CP.
- Gains CP equal to your negative CP + 76.
- 10 seconds cooldown.
- 3 seconds cast time.
- 200 range.

Terrible Dreams [2]
Apply nightmare to the target, dealing 270 darkness damage every second for 93(+15) seconds and puts the target to sleep.
- The target is awoken by any damage that isn't Terrible Dreams.
- Consumes 265 CP.

Hwabyung [4]
Transport the target to the spirit realm for 5(-1) seconds, after the time has ran out the target will take 645-685 fire damage.
- While in the spirit realm, the target cannot act apart from running.
- Maximum 9 seconds.
- Minimum 3 seconds.
- 150% chance.
- Minimum 75%(+15%) chance.

Animate Partner [5]
Raise a dead friendly target as an undead, causing it to revive for 130(+20) seconds.
- Consumes 140 CP.
- Gains 150 CP.
- 200 range.
- If the target dies while animated in GvG, the enemy guild will not be awarded points.


1. Smell of Death » [50]
Adds darkness damage to your attacks and lowers resistances of targets you deal physical damage to.

2. Nameless Attack » [50]
Hits the target once.

3. Reversal » [50]
Swaps your knowledge and wisdom for power and alacrity.

4. Smell of Death » [Awakening]
Quadroples the darkness damage it deals.

5. Nameless Attack » [Awakening]
Turns it into an AoE attack.

6. Reversal » [Awakening]
Increases physical damage dealt while active.


  1. i wanat ask about nerco pet which pet necro can tame

    1. None, they don't do damage, they don't tank, they don't debuff, they don't buff. They simply take aggro and cause you to not be able to switch maps. They are only in the way.

  2. are eternal weps the way to go?

    1. No, you want something that has good damage on it. Apache Claw to name one.

  3. Replies
    1. Strengthen. Weaken doesn't work on Scent of Death. But it works on your other skills.

  4. How much alacrity and power should I get. Should i have 350 alacrity since i need 350 wisdom for 415 t set neck? Also how much charisma? Should I aim for NX blue velvet to have 350 fix charisma?

  5. How come no awakening build with getting lower lvl and other rebuffing skills?


  6. after the upgrade, this build no longer works. The Reversal trick no longer sustains the magical damage generated by the death fragrance skill. I think Necro now is magical or physical damage, not both.

    Chris, Mediunism can now train up to 2 pets lv 4 each, which do you advise?