Prinya: Necromancer Awakening

Dec 13, 2014

Necromancer Awakening

Strange Conjurer

Bloodsucking Attack
Whenever you deal damage to an enemy, heal for 3% of the damage done.

Scent of Death
Darkness damage increased from 77 to 385.

After use, if power is higher than knowledge, your damage will also be increased by 100%.
After use, if knowledge is higher than power, your skill level will be increased by 3.

Advanced Nameless Attack
Hits all targets within 150 radius of the main target.

Wicked Psychologist

Plentiful Doll's Clothing
Passively increases avoidance by 5%.

Damage increased from 680 to 830.

Now also reduces attack speed and accuracy.

Damage increased from 90 to 575.

Demonic Tuner

Exploiting Touch
Whenever your pet or illusion takes damage, recharge CP based on 10% of damage taken.

Demonic Phantom
Duration lowered.
If the illusion is destroyed, deal 900 darkness damage to all enemies within 300 radius.

Revelation of Death
First Aid amount increased from 25%(+3%) to 40%(+6%).
Hits all targets within 250 radius of the main target.
CP consumption decreased from 590 to 175.

Shadow of Intrigue
Damage increased from 150 to 300 darkness damage.
Scaling increased by a very high amount.

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