Prinya: Spiritualist Guide

Mar 26, 2019

Spiritualist Guide

Character render, game and skill icons made by L&K Logic Korea
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Guide based on Spiritualist.

The Spiritualist
Is the true Soul Reaper of Red Stone. They provide their team with super useful activation skills while debuffing their enemies with their passives. Insanely strong awakening power spike leaves nothing left for others to kill after they've been there. The Spiritualist after the March update is truly the strongest class in the game. Their Mind Disease is known for causing so much destruction in PVP that other players don't ever wanna put a foot on the field ever again.

Single Target Damage: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Area of Effect Damage: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Defense: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Movement: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Low CP usage
Very high versatility
Insanely high damage
Strong debuffs
5 stat points per level
Great passive and activation abilities
Extremely good at itemhunting

Slow weapons
Long cooldowns on some abilities
Requires tons of skill points to get all useful skills

Stats may vary greatly depending on other stat sources.

Wind Spiritualist
Power » 2 each level
Alacrity » 1 each level until » 800 then » Power
Luck » 2 each level

Mind Disease Spiritualist
Knowledge » 2 each level
Health » 3 each level

All skills are based of skill level 50
Scaling is based of 10 skill levels


Strain Slash [1]
Hold your scythe high and slash your target.
Deals 150%(+30%) physical damage.
- 5%(+1%) increased accuracy.
- Gains 26(+5) CP.

Fatal Slash [2]
Slash the target's weak spot.
Deals 400%(+60%) physical damage.
- 100% chance to crit.
- 50% increased accuracy.
- Can double crit based on difference in luck between the spiritualist and the target.
- Gains 65(+10) CP.
- Consumes 90(+15) CP.

Windmill Slash [3]
Create a gust of wind with your scythe, drawing in enemies within radius.
Deals 160%(+30%) physical damage.
Deals 145(+25) wind damage.
- Enemies hit are pulled in.
- 350(+30) radius.
- ? maximum radius.
- Can move instantaneously after use.
- Gains 79(+15) CP.
- Consumes 105(+15) CP.

Milling [4]
Ruthlessly hammer your target down with your scythe.
Deals 173.5%(+35%) physical damage.
Hits 8(+1) times over a period of time (not instant).
- Can move instantaneously after use. 
- Requires 60 CP.
- Consumes 205(+35) CP.

Typhoon Slash [5]
Create a storm with your scythe, drawing in, slashing and stunning enemies within radius.
Deals 240%(+50%) physical damage.
Hits 12 times over 5 seconds.
- Can move instantaneously after use.  
- 200(+20) radius.
- ? maximum radius.
- 10% chance to stun for 10 seconds.
- 5 seconds cooldown.
- Gains 160(+30) CP.
- Consumes 355(+55) CP.

Binding Evasion [1]
Upon dealing damage to an enemy, there's a chance to cut the target's ankle with your scythe, lowering avoidance.
Decreases avoidance by 75%(+5%) for 25(+3) seconds.
- 20%(+2%) success chance.
- Less effective in guild war or arena field.
- Maximum 10 seconds in guild war or arena field.

Binding Power [2]
Cut the target's arm with your scythe, making it unable to attack.
Deals 2% physical damage.
Turns of the targets ability to attack for 13(+2) seconds.
Decreases damage if the target is a monster.
- 40%(+5%) maximum success chance.
- Gains 85(+15) CP.
- Consumes 160(+30) CP.

Binding Existence [3]
Upon dealing damage to an enemy, there's a chance to leave a deep wound on the target, deactivating activation skills.
Turns of activation skills for 25(+3) seconds.
Decreases defence by 80%(+8%) if the target is a monster.
- 20%(+2%) maximum success chance.
- Less effective in guild war or arena field.
- Maximum 10 seconds in guild war or arena field.

Binding Soul [4]
Upon dealing damage to an enemy, there's a chance to slash the target's soul, lowering resistances.
Lowers the targets abnormal, curse and dropped system resistance by 56%(+10%) for 25(+3) seconds.
- 20%(+2%) maximum success chance.
- Less effective in guild war or arena field.
- Maximum 10 seconds in guild war or arena field.

Binding Wards [5]
Slash the sound around you with your scythe, creating a vacuum space around you.
Enemies inside the vacuum space can only use level 1 skills.
- 15(+2) seconds duration.
- 275(+15) radius.
- 400 range.
- 120 seconds cooldown.
- Consumes 250(+40) CP.

Consensus [1]
Collect scattered souls around you.
1.5(-0.16) seconds cast time.
- 5.5(+0.5) seconds duration.
- Gains 60(+10) CP.

Release [2]
Free the trapped souls, increasing all stats.
Can only be used after souls have been collected.
Increases all stats by 15%(+1%) for 101(+20) seconds.
- Gains 51(+10) CP.
- Consumes 160(+30) CP.

Absorption [3]
Absorb the trapped souls, healing you.
Can only be used after souls have been collected.
1.94(-0.28) seconds cast time.
Heals self for 130(+20).
Heal additional amount based on (knowledge / 400)%.
- Consumes 105(+20) CP.

Advent [4]
Move your body into the spiritual realm, slowing your movement speed but making you invincible.
Can only be used after souls have been collected.
25(+3) seconds duration.
- 50 seconds cooldown.
- Lowers your movement speed by 0%(-8%) and sets your movement to walking.
- Consumes 170(+30) CP.

Destandion [5]
Absorb a soul and use consume its energy, causing your skills to cost no CP over a period of time.
Increases attack speed by 30%(+5%) and movement speed by 80%(+15%).
Decreases defence by 55%(-5%) and avoidance by 55%(-5%).
- 35 seconds duration.
- 3 seconds cast time.
- 60 seconds cooldown.
- Consumes 250(+40) CP.

Cruel Soul [5]
Activation skill.
Make all party members possessed by a ruthless soul, increasing their critical chance and critical damage.
Increases critical strike chance by 11%(+2%) and critical strike damage by 15(+2%).
- Lasts until map change, regardless of circumstances.
- 1200(+80) radius.
- Consumes 35(+6) CP every second.

Scream Soul [1]
Activation skill.
Make all your party members possessed by a lamentating soul, increasing their damage.
Increases damage by 80%(+15%).
- 1200(+80) radius.
- Consumes 15(+2) CP every second.

Confusion Soul [2]
Activation skill.
Make all your party members possessed by a wandering soul, increasing their avoidance.
Increases avoidance by 20%(+3%).
Decreases damage received by 20%.
Increases magic resistance by 10%.
- 1200(+80) radius.
- Consumes 20(+3) CP every second.

Invisible Soul [4]
Activation skill.
Make all your party members possessed by a soul without presence, causing them to become transparent.
Transparent players are ignored by certain monsters and appear slightly invisible to players in a PvP field.
Decreases movement speed by 15%(-7%).
- 500(+40) radius.
- Consumes 30(+5) CP every second.

Wrath of the Soul [3]
Activation skill.
Make all your party members possessed by an angry soul, causing their physical damaging abilities and attacks to inflict additional fire damage.
45%(+5%) chance to deal 125(+20) additional fire damage.
- 1200(+80) radius.
- Consumes 25(+4) CP every second.

Soul Snatcher [1]
Snatch the targets soul, draining their CP.
Deals 250%(+50%) physical damage.
1 second fixed attack speed.
Drains the targets CP based on your knowledge.
- Range increased from melee to 430.
- Gains 85(+15) CP.
- Consumes 30(+5) CP.

Spirit Expelling [3]
Perform a shout that expels spirits in the area, enemies within radius are consumed by fear and flee in the opposite direction.
- 250(+30) radius.
- 5 seconds fear duration.
- 30 seconds cooldown.
- Consumes 350(+50) CP.

Connection Sickle [2]
Connect your scythe with the target through the spirit realm.
Charges at your target.
Deals 104%(+20%) physical damage.
- 350(+30) range.
- Consumes 40(+5) CP.

Switching [4]
Switch the targets beneficial buffs into harmful debuffs.
- 15(+2) seconds duration.
- 100%(+10%) conversion rate.
- 400 range.
- 200 range in guild war or arena field.
- 50% maximum success chance.
- 30% minimum success chance.
- Success chance and duration decreased by curse resistance.
- Success chance increased by charisma.
- 100 charisma = 1% success chance.
- Consumes 460(+80) CP.

Mind Disease [5]
Summon a soul that burns enemies within radius, the soul also inflicts the targets with a disease that causes them to take fire damage every 2 seconds.
Deals 430(+70) fire damage 2 times on the first hit.
Deals 645(+105) fire damage 2 times on the second hit.
Deals 967.5(+157) fire damage 2 times on the third hit.
Deals 1451(+236.3) fire damage 2 times on the fourth hit.
Deals 2176.9(+354.5) fire damage 2 times on the fifth hit.
Deals 3265.3(+531.5) fire damage 2 times on the sixth hit.
Deals 4898(+797.4) fire damage 2 times on the seventh hit.
Deals 7347(+1196) fire damage 2 times on the eighth hit.
Deals 11020(+1793.8) fire damage 2 times on the ninth hit.
Deals 16530(+2691) fire damage 2 times on the tenth hit.
Deals 48730.2(+7932.5) fire damage 2 times in total.
- Hits 8(+1) times.
- Maximum 10 ticks.
- 300(+20) radius.
- 2 seconds cast time.
- 1 seconds time between ticks.
- 10 seconds duration.
- 5 seconds cooldown.
- 50% application chance.
- Every time Mind Disease deals damage there is a 50% chance for to the soul to dissipate, purging the target of all buffs in the process.
- If the target can resist the initial hit, Mind Disease will miss completely. Meaning Mind Disease can be completely negated by 100% fire absorb.
- Damage on targets who are lower level decreased by roughly 80%.
- Can be cleansed by healing abilities such as Total Recovery, Heal and Party Heal.
- Consumes 520(+80) CP.

Ghost of Wildwind

Biting Wind Bombing
Dealing damage deals an additional 50% wind damage every second for 10 seconds.
Also applies to crits and smashes.

Limitless Typhoon Slash
Now has an additional modifier of 2350% increased damage.
Sends out a whirlwind in the target direction that slashes all enemies over 3 seconds.
Now also deals 186-226 wind damage.
Hits 11 times.
Cooldown reduced from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.
- 303(+30) range.

Pinwheel Slash
Now has an additional modifier of 1600% increased damage.
Summons a whirlwind at the target location that pulls in enemies.
Now also deals 100%(+50%) physical damage.
Now also hits 3 times instead of 1.
Radius increased from 350 to 400.

Fatal Chance
Changed from melee to ranged.
Critical strike chance increased from 100% to 200%.
Now also deals damage equal to all damage that the passive would've done.

Soul Controller

Soul Bound
You are permanently collecting souls.
15% chance to deal an additional hit of 150% of physical damage.
Includes crits and smashes.
Damage ignores limit.

Increases duration from 30 to 35 seconds.
Soul bound chance increased from 15% to 25%.

Lemures Release
Now makes Release last forever.
Now also increases magic crit chance by 8% and hard blow chance by 8%.

Acceleration Milling
Now hits instantly.

Spirit Imprecationer

The Secret Art of Women Tribe
CP Consumption decreased by 50%.
Activation skills no longer consumes CP.

Mind Affliction
Application chance increased 100%.
Cooldown removed.
The disease now hits 4 times.
Maximum hits increased from 10 to 20.
Now stacks with itself.

Soul Despoiler
Fixed attack speed changed from 1 second to 0.43 seconds.
Now also deals 255 darkness damage.

Spirit Deporting
Cooldown decreased from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
Duration increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.
Now also decreases magic resistance by 25%.

Skills are not in order but should be acquired for build to function.

Wind Spiritualist

Windmill Slash » [Awakened]
Main damage ability.

Typhoon Slash » [Awakened]
Main damage ability.

Cruel Soul
Party buff.
Increase critical chance and crit damage.

Scream Soul
Party buff.
Increase damage.

Confusion Soul
Increases avoidance, decreases damage taken and increases magic resistance.

Release » [Awakened]
Increase all stats.

Mind Disease Spiritualist

Mind Disease » [Awakened]
Main damage ability.

Wrath of the Soul
Give party members additional fire damage to physical attacks.

Increase all stats for 101 seconds.

Treasure Sets
Level Area Spawn
60 Oat Dungeon B3 50 minutes
130 The Underpass of Smug B3 60 minutes
270 Exhibition of Past Glories 5 hours and 38 minutes
330 Nameless Tower B4 7 hours and 38 minutes
425 Digged up Ossuary B6 9 hours and 38 minutes
535 Cave of Cursed Mizna B2 10 hours and 38 minutes
580 Golden Swamp Cave B3 11 hours and 45 minutes
710 Forest of Time 3 12 hours and 50 minutes

Recommended Uniques

Symbol of Rich Farmer

Mother's Kindness

Death Scythe

El Rod

Broken Opener



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