Prinya: Beastman Awakening (Suggestions)

May 2, 2015

Beastman Awakening (Suggestions)

Enter the Darkness
Effect: Your skills no longer deals light damage, but all your physical damage is converted into darkness damage.
All pins equipped is now darkness no matter what type.
Additionally increases your final damage by 20%.
(Visually you are transparent and completely black [Like Spiritualist Runaway])

Finalizing Strike
Effect: Now summons up to 10 illusions to strike the target.

Hallucination Gas
Effect: Now applies magic critical strike instead of physical critical strike, but only applies half the amount.

Effect: Now applies when you strike instead of you being struck.

Blade Dancer

Effect: Your minimum light damage is now closer to your maximum damage. Starting at 20% at level 300 and 80% at level 800. 
- Maximum 80%.
(Visually you are shining bright, like Opticalist "Power of Vitalization".)

Blade Dance
Effect: Increases charge points gained from 15 » 85. Increases maximum amount of illusions by 2.

Unicorn's Roar
Effect: Increased range from 250 to 500.

Phantom Bladehurricane
Effect: Now deals 100% damage to targets in the middle instead of 50%.

Void Slasher

Effect: All skills have a 20% chance to deal their damage twice.
(Visually you have a slightly transparent black bubble around you. Sort of like Sanctuary.)

Unbeaten Twin Swordman
Effect: Summons an illusion swordman at the target location, the swordman uses Unbeaten Twin Sword.
Increases range from 80 to 500.
Now lasts 3.75 seconds instead of 1.25 seconds and deals damage 6 times instead of 2.

Phantasmal Illusion
Effect: Now summons an illusion that uses Unbeaten Twin Sword.

Effect: Can now summon more than 1 illusion, the illusions decreases all damage taken by 90% and lasts for 1 hit each. 1 illusion will always remain but will only apply the non-awakening effect.

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