Prinya: Howling Through Time II

May 29, 2015

Howling Through Time II

Howling Through Time

Killing Rusipol, the first boss of main quest. Day 1

Killing Master Strategist Sage, the second boss of main quest. Day 2

Killing Tiameth, the last boss of main quest. Day 3

Finally finishing the Red Stone. Day 3

Getting 10% HP from Heaven World. Day 4

Making our new emblem with the emblem kit we got from the guild mate event.

Every single title in the entire game, except berserk 3+

Losing Sphere and Badge ):

Dying in a duel

Leveling up Lunas character (LittleSummon) to 300. Luna drew the first image (Beastman) in the post.

Winning a duel with no gear.


Vivid vs Warlords GvG

Vivid vs Sakura SW

Vivid vs Sakura SW

Vivid vs Warlords GvG 2

Winning quiz event.


2 Red Stone pieces in 1 mob.

Damage without Berserk.

Ancient Goddess.

Our recent point war score.

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