Prinya: Keeping players interested

Jun 29, 2015

Keeping players interested

'The Real' Red Stone is slowly fading, for what reason?
Lack of things that keep people interested.
Our server have had so many problems for so long, things that just make the game frustrating to play. A few examples; lack of players, guild battles and hopeless siege wars.
Most of the hardcore Red Stone players play the game for one reason, guild battles. It's what drives people to continue to play, if there are no guild battles, they see no reason to continue spending time, money and effort into making their character stronger. Eventually leading to people quitting the game.

How do we get more guild battles? 
For one we have to look at why there are no guild battles. First reason being it cost so much to attend a guild battle. Full healing potions, full charging potions, dragon hearts, blade oils, attack speed gems, minipets, badges, resistance rings, spirit stones. The list goes on forever. These things costs a shit ton of gold to get. And if you can't get those things theres almost no reason to attend a guild battle leading to no guild battles because of the cost.

Now how do we fix this?
Easy, make most of those supplies free of charge from the supposedly "Evil Shopkeeper" 26,11 in the Brunenstig Guild War Registration Office with one condition, they can only be used in guild wars. Problem solved! Now everyone can attend guild battles without 2 hours preparation and being broke afterwards. What does this bring? More people attending guild wars leading to more people making their character stronger only for guild wars leading to more people telling their friends to start playing the game leading to more population on the server leading to more guild wars leading to even more stuff. Small things makes the game run smoother.

On a sidenote; Lower level players take more damage from higher level players, why? I don't know. But it sure as hell isn't right.

Let's go on to our next problem, siege wars. 
Siege wars have always been a huge disappointment, everyone attends with the hopes of having so much fun, but ninetynine percent enters the guild hall afterwards being disappointed or mad. The problem; monks? No. The monks only cast a large shadow in much bigger problem. Let's take an example, how overpowered would monks be if they couldn't revive themselves instantly after they died? (Revival Scrolls). They wouldn't be overpowered at all, because Spiritualists and teamplay would crush them. This leads to teamplay, coordination and strength being the winning factor in attackers siege wars. If nobody can revive themselves with revival scrolls, everyone has to stay alive and kill the other team to then push their way through the defenses leading to a much bigger and more enjoyable siege war. This would lead to some other problems though, smaller guilds will get crushed. However, the guild hall level system will reflect strength in guild instead of strength in how many monks with revival scrolls you have.

Siege wars have another problem, 'spies' that opens the gate for the other team to pass through. This can easily be fixed by only letting vice masters or higher being able to open the gate. Or simply clicking the gate should teleport you to the other side.

Last but not least I wanna talk about another huge problem, keeping the players updated or excited. Making teasers or hyping. Telling your playerbase what you're planning to do. Or atleast give them a glimpse of what's to come. 

Small fixes to huge problems can make a great deal on the number of players playing the game, give the players some reason to become stronger and I'll guarantee you there will be more players playing the game, fixing the largest problem, the player population.

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