Prinya: Keep finding my way back

Dec 27, 2015

Keep finding my way back

How do I keep finding my way back to this game, every month I log in it's the same thing, yet I keep logging in every month thinking something will be different. Even though the game is pretty much dead for me, theres something that pulls me back in. Either it's all the friends I have in the game or I'm just addicted. If I had the money I would really love to play Red Stone, but it's just too much for me. Back in the OGPlanet days I had my love Erina to back me up whenever I needed it, and I also had a steady income.

While I've been gone, people have been busy. There seem to be lots of high levels because of the exp events. However, nobody have broke through the infamous oasis yet. My plan and strategy for doing so still works, however, the time and money isn't there.

While I think I'll stay for maybe a few weeks, I don't see myself actively grinding Chronos as much as I used to.

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