Prinya: Princess Awakening (Suggestions)

Jan 2, 2016

Princess Awakening (Suggestions)

This is what I think Princess Awakening should've been.


Queen of Power

Precise Attack
Effect: Your attacks cannot miss, but you cannot dodge. Works in PvP.

Throw Everything
Effect: Now hits 1 target 5(+1) times for 330% damage.

Effect: Each second, earn another 25% of base CP gained by this skill for 8 seconds. After 8 seconds, you should have accumilated 200% of the base CP recharged by Prattler. Does not stack with itself.

Goliath Slaughter
Effect: Now deals 120% damage to the main target and pulls all enemies hit slightly closer to the main target.

Queen of Chaos

Elemental Sling
Effect: Bottles damage type is now always equal to the lowest elemental resistance of the target and applies its effect.
If your target has 30% water resistance and 90% in everything else, the damage type of Throwing Bottle will be water damage and will apply cold attack. If your target has equal elemental resistances, a random one will be chosen.

Bouncing Bottle
Effect: Now bounces up to 9(+1) (max 12) times to nearby targets within 350(+5 each 1) radius of eachother. Can hit the same target more than once.

Mutated Flower Shower
Effect: Can now use mutated flowers for double the effect.

Instant Potion Presentation
Effect: Can now use special potions such as Deluxe Healing Potions etc. Also heals the targets hit for 10% instantly.

Queen of Transformation

The Power of the Dress
Effect: Increases the critical strike chance by 100% of your armors base defense.
This effect is added ontop of the effect of Weapon Changer, full for fatal blow, half for magic crit.
Whenever you take damage that would kill you, you are instead healed for 10% of your maximum health points and you start jumping skipping, 240 seconds cooldown.

Special Weapon Changer
Effect: The weapon now also has a 30(+1 each 1)% chance to fatal blow and 15(+0.5 each 1)% chance to magic crit.

Hamburger Princess
Effect: You will now deal damage in a wider area 250(2.5m) radius. Now deals damage twice as fast.

Rolling Tree
Effect: Now works. And also rolls much faster and further 1500(1.5m) range.

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