Prinya: Archer Awakening

Sep 16, 2016

Archer Awakening

Sharp Shooter

Quick Reload
Passively increases your attack speed by 20%.

Interval Bomber
Now rains down consecutively 3 times.
0.25 seconds cooldown between arrows fall.

Stalker Arrow
+5% critical hit chance.

Deadly Chaser
Increased damage from 75% to 85% of damage dealt prior.

Arcane Marksman

Swift Learner
Passively gives you 1 knowledge for every 2 levels.

Gliding Blaze
Fire an arrow into the sky, the arrow splits and rains down as magma on enemies in the target location for 4 seconds.
- The magma on the ground increases allies magical damage by 25% for 30 seconds.
- The magma decreases enemies fire resistance by -25%.

Returning Arrows
The arrows returns to you after reaching the end, dealing the same damage as they return.

Ward Post
Deals equal damage to all enemies regardless of distance from the ward post.

Launching Ambusher

Passively gives you 5 hit points every level.

Great Albastross
You will no longer need to pick up your Spear after use.

Bone Squasher
After use, Great Albastross will have a 100% double critical strike chance for 5 seconds.

Mirrormere Mistress
Max block chance increased from 60% to 70%.

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