Prinya: Getting your gambler weapon: 4 gold coins in 5 minutes

Oct 28, 2016

Getting your gambler weapon: 4 gold coins in 5 minutes

Daily: Rare Eco Cave Chicken Quest
Requires: Level 680+
Takes around 5 minutes to finish depending on if you've done it before or not.
Reward: Piece of Item (680 gambler set) (extremely powerful weapons)
Note: There are around 5 other quests that you can finish to gain even more gold coins, but these quests takes considerably more time to finish (around 30 minutes).

1. Teleport to Rare Eco Cave B2 using the Event Teleporter in Brunenstig (81,111).

2a.Walk down to the Force Camp just below and speak to Apprentice Knight (16,65) and gain the quest Today's Invasion Mission: Chicken Danger Zone.
b. if you don't get the correct quest, click on him again to cancel the quest and click again to gain a completely new quest, repeat this until you get Today's Invasion Mission: Chicken Danger Zone.

3. Go to Chicken Danger Zone and speak to Chipuko (203,209) and gain the quest Chikichaka: Pluck the enemies' chicken feathers.

4. Kill Chikachaka Warriors, Chikachaka Soldiers and Second Chikachaka Chief for 100 feathers and 100 kills.

5. Turn in the quest at Chipuko (203,209) and Apprentice Knight (16,65) to gain 2 gold coins if you're 726+ and 1 gold coin + 5% exp if you're level 680-725.

6a. At the Force Camp and speak to Gambler Jakof (26,88) to gamble 2 gold coins to have 1/5 chance to gain a Piece of Item.

b. If you speak to Blacksmith Hogus (28,90) just beside Gambler Jakof he will appraise your Piece of Item and allow you to see what type of item it is, depending on which one it is they are very valuable.
Note: you can also appraise your item at Distinguisher Tiren in Brunenstig (90,109).

7. If you get 8/8 pieces head to Blacksmith Hogus (28,90) and he will complete the item for you, just remember it is NOT FOR TRANSACTION after this point, you can put it in bank though.

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