Prinya: L&K Logic Korea Q&A

Nov 1, 2016

L&K Logic Korea Q&A

Q: In Mysterious Forest, killing creatures drops almost no items and grants almost no experience, why? Seems like a huge waste of time to create a new hunting area but force people to not hunt there.

Q: The price of reskill and restat scrolls is destroying the PvP scene.
Are we ever gonna get a different system for managing builds?

Q: In pretty much every new hunting area, all creatures are scattered too much making it extremely inefficient to hunt there, what was your design choices behind this?
For example, Damel Underground Labyrinth and Buried Underground Villa.

Q: When balancing the game, do you keep all Red Stone servers (Korea, Japan, and International) in mind? Or do you focus on the Korean server only? Since the gameplay and mechanics are so different because of various old decisions with the cash shop, it seems to me this way of balancing needs a big overhaul.

Q: Probably well over half the unique items existing in the game has not been found since the international server launch, that was around 700 days ago, is this ideal? Why do we have these items if there is no realistic way to find them except receiving them from an event or getting them from the point shop.

Q: By implementing party bosses, the game has gone from killing smaller creatures with lots of loot drops to killing bigger creatures with no loot drops, this has shifted the meta-game an enormous amount into pushing the players to a high level without giving them items to support their killing speed at that point, do you think this is good for the game? And what are your thoughts behind this?

Q: New classes like Demon Sorceress and Beastman have completely broken and absurd charge points usage, did you really test these characters in a true beta testing environment (no GM powers) before you put them into the online game? Do you have professional beta testers in your development team?

Q: Currently the most time efficient way to become rich in the game is, not playing the game. How are you gonna combat this?

Q: There is a Thief weapon called Apachian that is so overpowered, it is currently being sold at the black market for hundreds of dollars, what are your thoughts on Real Money Trading?

Q: Is Red Stone ever gonna get a real in-game auction house?

Q: If we allowed Japanese and Korean players on the international server, would this be a disaster? What do you think about this?

Q: We have a PvP server that is pretty much a wasteland, that PvP server has the perfect PvP matchmaking system. Why has this not made it into the real game?

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