Prinya: The End of All That Is

Nov 13, 2016

The End of All That Is

We are back at it again, the server has been tainted with players duplicating items ... again ...
for the second time in 3 years.
People just can't play by the rules it seems.

By changing the name of a character (done by GM) players have been able duplicate items held by their character before the name change held place. This means it's almost the same as the old duplication trick but you don't use the infamous disconnection potion anymore and you also cannot create new items since your character cannot hold more than 2 items with the same ID.

(This way has been proven to be false, but the real way is very similar and does the same thing).
1. Put items on a character A.
2. PM GM on Facebook asking for a name change for any reason.
3. After the name change, log into character A.
4. Trade your items to character B in the most discreet way possible.
5. Logout character A.
6. Login character A.
7. Items will be the same as when you logged in the first time (they are duplicated).
8. Both character A and character B hold the same items (they have the same ID).
(after this point you cannot have 2 of the same item ID in your inventory or they will disappear)

By using this method, these players have been able to get their hands on infinite amount of Flame Stones, Mysterious Stones, Relic Stones, Crystal Stones and gold. They can also duplicate Tool Boxes that lets you open slots in NX items.

Current active (KNOWN) duplicators.

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