Prinya: Beastman Awakening

Dec 22, 2017

Beastman Awakening

Juvenile Assaulter

Wild Nature [Passive]
Increases scaling of power for physical damage.

Trace Across [4]
Has a chance to activate a state where your Finalizing Pressure does not consume charge points.

Finalizing Pressure [4]
Removes the light damage but increases the physical damage dealt.

Helical Soul [2]
The chance to activate greatly increases when used with Finalizing Pressure and Trace Across.

Slashing Splitzer

Sword Dance [Passive]
Killing an enemy recovers a fixed amount of your maximum CP.

Phantom Blood Storm [5]
Deals more damage to enemies affected by Hallucination Smoke.
Hits 4 times when it crits.

Hallucination Smog [3]
After use, CP consumption of Phantom Bladestorm greatly decreases.

Unicorn's Cry [4]
Increases radius.

Lustras Piercer

Majestic Dignity [Passive]
When struck, you have a 30% chance to increase your physical damage by 200 for 60 seconds.
Stacks with itself up to 3 times.

Turn Against Finisher [5]
Can also activate when you avoid and block.

Phantasm Avoid [3]
The illusion you summon gets destroyed automatically after 1 second and deals damage to enemies in radius.

Sword Barricade [4]
Deals light damage 1-5999 light damage upon successful block.

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