Prinya: Red Stone Ironman Challenge

Apr 1, 2018

Red Stone Ironman Challenge

Me and Maple aka Jay is starting the RED STONE IRONMAN CHALLENGE.
We will limit ourselves to the extreme and still try to progress in the game.
If you want to join you have to follow a set of rules.

This initiative is purely for your own fun, breaking the rules is on you.

Rules (Please note that these rules might change in the future)
  1. Your character name must contain the word "Ironman".
  2. No point store items can be used except Portal Sphere.
  3. No items can be taken from the bank that you didn't put there with your Ironman character originally.
  4. No form of trading with players that isn't an Ironman.
  5. You cannot party with someone who isn't an Ironman.
  6. No sets of any kind can be used, this includes the set you get from Association.
  7. No ove or spear teleportation.
  8. No NPC buffs, returner title buffs or buffs from other non-ironman players.
  9. No badges to gain advantage of any kind.
  10. No using carpets to move around. Strictly your own Movement speed.
  11. No party bosses may be engaged or killed during your leveling.
  12. No jars may be engaged or killed during your leveling.
  13. No usage of storage characters. Your space is your space.
  14. No eternal weapons can be bought or used.
  15. Daily login reward may not be used.
  16. Adventure report quests may not be completed.
  17. No rental items can be bought or used.
  18. You cannot pick up items that someone who isn't an Ironman dropped.
  19. The mirror map teleporter NPC cannot be used.
  20. You cannot open a stall on your ironman character.

Feel free to message me on discord or ingame if you have any questions.
I'll follow this up with a bunch of update posts on my character.

Feel free to also check out the stream


  1. Name:Void_Ironman
    Main: No Affiliation or ties to anyone
    Class: Demon/Necro