Prinya: You should've gone for the head

Jun 4, 2018

You should've gone for the head

I encourage you to read the entire post before you draw any conclusions.

● Remove adventurer reports and daily quests.
Literally the worst thing to ever be added to Red Stone.

● Remove apache weapons, intelligence weapons and eternal weapons.
All of these weapons turns 95% of the other unique weapons into complete trash.

● Remove all treasure sets (t-sets).
Make all t-set bosses drop more loot and give more exp.
Add more similar bosses scattered across the world with unique drops.

● Make new characters start with a set of newbie items.
These should be not for transaction and sells for 0 gold to npc.
This set shouldn't be anything huge, simply a set of items that fit their character with some fitting low level prefixes like item reload.

● Increase the base amount of damage dealt by all skills. Scaling up to nothing at max level.
For example, a newly created mage should be able to do 50 damage with Minor Flame at level 1.
A newly created Archer should be able to do 35 damage with Arrow Shoot.
Simple, make new players deal more damage so they don't need the association Fiery buff anymore.

● Rename Brainwash skill to Taming and remove the original Taming ability.
Make this into the first skill a tamer obtains.
The way it is now simply confuses Tamers.

● Make all tamers start with a starter pet.
This doesn't have to be anything special, simply a Kobold or a Spider would be perfect.

● Remove association buffs.
Because it is stupid and makes new players think that this is their main form of dealing damage. Instead make the new players deal more damage and be faster overall to compensate.

● Increase the base attack and movement speed of all characters.
To compensate for the loss of association buffs.

● Move the adventurer association to just west of Brunenstig, in the center of Central Platen Boulevard. Make all new characters start here instead.

● Remove the tutorial.
Because it's a complete pile of garbage.

● Drastically increase the amount of exp acquired from Adventure Association quests.
Because it's pretty much non-existent right now. Make this the main form of leveling during the early game.

● Increase the base amount of potion recovery speed players have.

● Increase the base amount of HP players have.

● Drastically increase the damage all monsters in the game deals.
This should mainly affect lower level monsters that are too easy and should balance out all the lower level buffs.

● Make all new accounts have a 14 day portal sphere in the shopping cart and let the player know about this when they login to the game. Make sure they know its a premium item and how they can buy additional ones.

● Remove NX slots.
It unnecessarily makes itemization too advanced and annoying.

● Remove all party bosses.
Hunting only a handful of monsters during your leveling experience is not fun. And it also breaks the game because nobody has any items.

● Remove blackfire enchanting including all the quests that comes with it.
Unnecessary systems that does nothing except make the game easier and more annoying.

● Remove all chapters of main quest excluding chapter 5.
Remove the red stone piece extractor and remove the weekly cap on how many red stones you can turn in.
Level requirement 250.
Collect 100 Red Stone Pieces and turn them into each world faction and gain rewards.
Heaven gives passive rewards.
Red Devil gives item upgrade rewards.
Underworld gives item rewards.

● Drastically increase the rewards players get from completing quests.
That includes unique item rewards such as item that has prefixes that cannot be obtained elsewhere. Additionally more gold and experience.

● Remove point wars and siege wars.
Because it is a complete pile of garbage and impossible to balance. Especially point war.

● Add a rule that prevents people from selling and buying items or characters in the game for real money.
Punishable by permanent ban.
Players should put time and effort to get good at the game, not buy it.

● Remove the stat and skill rewards you get for rebirthing and replace the rewards with transcendence skills.
Remove all other ways to get transcendence skills.

● Remove the rebirth title.
Make all 10 rings slots available at level 1.

● Remove the party exp reduction.
We want to encourage/force players to party up, not restrict it.

● Remove the stone pieces of origin and all quests that comes with them, including the breaking the limit title.
Because any sane person that isn't a computer have already killed themselves before they can finish it.

● Remove Ariel's Medicine quest.
Replace it with some sort of 1-100 progression quest that forces the player out in the world exploring to kill stuff.

● Add more treasure chests, locked chests, locked doors, various clickable stuff and other RPG elements to make the game world feel more alive than simply a theme park.

● Remove the Berserker title.
Because it is not fun and doesn't provide anything other than breaking the game once you use it.

● Remove pineberries, solar and lunar flowers and any other kind of flowers that gives players more exp.
We don't wanna restrict players to hunt during those hours only.

● Remove current daily login reward.
Because it encourages abuse and does not make the players want to play the game more.

● Remove flame stone quest.
Because making NX items shouldn't include making 10 alts to do a stupid quest at level 200.

● Remove the gambler and all gambler rewards.
Randomize the current gambler weapons a bit and make them drop from any high level monsters like normal uniques.

● Remove the guild dungeon tickets.
Let all players enter any guild dungeon without any form of item, level or guild hall and make all creatures in the guild dungeon drop mysterious stone pieces without any restrictions.

● Remove trial dungeons.
Playing a themepark game where you get exp for free every day does not provide anything other than inflate level.

● Remove cosmic stones and grow spheres from the point store.
Why are those even in the game.

● Remove crystal shard of trial (blue stones), adventure coins, nephon creature coins, tantilis pieces, resonance stones and flame stones.
Having stones, coins and shit for everything is completely unnecessary.

● Make it possible to trade 1 myst stone for 100 myst stone pieces and vice versa.
Mysterious stone pieces should mostly be used for the guild npc rewards such as 30 stacking full healing potions and panacea.

● Remove the humanoid damage and humanoid defense from yin and yang minipets.
Because it forces players to only use these minipets in PVP.

● Remove the humanoid defense and humanoid damage from crests.
Same as above.

● Make ALL NPC pay a maximum amount of 100,000 gold for items.
Because who thought it would be a good idea to restrict this to only a few npcs in the world.

● Add (more) diminishing returns to avoidance.
Being close to immune to physical damage because you know the stats of the monsters you're fighting is just bad game design and needs to be fixed. Players should survive because of their overall balance in defense, avoidance and resistance not because they have perfect stats and stacked a shit ton of avoidance.

● Remove all blackfire unique items.
Idiotic endgame itemization system that only makes the players stand around waiting for the next day to do their secret dungeon. Players should be rewarded with items for playing the game, period.

● Remove all vice and virtue passives.
Unnecessary system.

● Remove the elemental resistance bonus monsters get in guild dungeons.
Unnecessary system that restricts players.

● Remove badges from point store.

● Remove the guild quest and make it possible to create a guild at level 50, costing 5 million gold.

● Remove the quest to make an emblem and make the cost to make an emblem 500 million, 1000 million and 2000 million depending on the type you want.

● Remove all guild statues.
Unnecessary shitty system.

● Remove all guild stats.
Inflates stats and forces players to join a guild and makes the early game easier.

● Remove all mirror maps.
The retard who thought this was a good idea in the first place should get fired.
It discourages partying, it devalues player reputation and makes macroing / botting easier.

● Remove concentration.
The fact that this stat exists and the developers are putting it in level 5 skills baffles me and makes me wanna kill myself.

● Remove magic bullet.
It might've worked, it might've been good 14 years ago, not today.

● Remove gold time or any event that gives players more exp.
Inflates experience and forces players to hunt only on these hours.

● Remove the awakening quest and let players choose their awakening directly at level 300.

● Make all awakenings available in PVP.
If we can balance the awakenings they can then be available in PVP.

● Remove Mind Disease and replace it with something else.

● Remove Flower Shower and replace it with something else.

● Remove damage return.

● Remove damage absorption.

● Remove the resistance part of Arch of Divinity and resistance part of Elemental Guardian.
Giving players maximum elemental resistance for free should not be a thing and I think making wisdom a good stat and elemental resistance on gear more valuable is much more healthy for the game.

● Remove the resistance given by Bless and Ward.
Because automatically making players immune to abnormal conditions is not healthy.

● Drastically increase the amount healed by Party Heal and Total Recovery.
Since most of their skills got nerfed they need to be able to support somehow.

● Make Tower last 10 seconds.
This adds a new layer of skill for Priests and makes them overall harder and more fun to play.

● Make Red Stone Detective a monthly title that resets on the 1st of every month and give the players points for the chests that mobs drop.
For new players its impossible to catch up to top detectives.

● Remove costumes from the store and make them a reward from secret dungeons only.

● Remove item drop rate from the luck stat and make it a static passive for all players instead.
It's simply a trash system to force players to get a certain stat to improve their item hunting capabilities.
Additionally drastically improve all the other things that the luck stat does currently.

● Remove the charge point system including all the items that gives the players charge points, like dragon hearts and CP potions.
Drastically increase the amount of resistance charisma gives.
Remove all stats that has anything to do with CP.
Remove all skills that has anything to do with CP and replace them with something else.

● Remove the exp bonus from wisdom.
Provides nothing but inflates level, wisdom is a great stat to get now because players don't get free resistance from Priests.
Additionally drastically increase the amount of elemental resistance wisdom gives to compensate.

● Make the chance to drop an item with more prefixes higher as well as introduce a fourth prefix.
Players shouldn't need an event or point store item to get good items. The itemization system in Red Stone is beyond godlike and can be improved so much.

● Make super uniques (prefixed uniques) much more common and apply the same effect of the above.

● Remove reskill scrolls and restat scrolls from the point store and make it a weekly quest.
Because new players will make new characters if they fuck up their build.

● Make it possible to switch between 3 player set skill and stat builds at will with a 1 hour cooldown.
Because this completely destroys PVP since players need an actual PVE build to progress in the game.

● Add a 3v3 and 5v5 arena system.
Arena have 2 modes, casual or ranked.
With ranked, a team of 3 or 5 players has to create an arena team by being in party with eachother and speaking to an NPC. Every time this team wins or loses an arena match, the stats counts for the entire arena team. Using the elo ranking system the team can rank up.
If any player leave the arena team, the team is disbanded instantly and all rankings are lost.
All arena teams are automatically disbanded every 3 months and all stats are reset.
With casual, any player can sign up and get put into a matchmaking system that matches them with other random players. Casual gives no rewards.
Players inside the arena get a stacking debuff that decreases their healing received by 5% for each minute that passes up to a maximum of 95%. This includes healing from potions.
Skills that makes the player immune to damage does nothing in arena. Like Sanctuary and Invocation.
Arena matches lasts a maximum of 20 minutes and nobody wins or loses if 20 minutes passes.
After the arena match is done, the player is returned to their original position and any items consumed inside the arena will be returned.
Durability does not degrade inside arena.
Trading is not possible in arena.
Opening a stall is not possible in arena.
If no player have dealt any damage during the last 3 minutes, all players will instantly die and both teams loses.
If both teams die at the same time, nobody wins and nobody loses. This does not include the death from not dealing any damage for 3 minutes.
All costumes received from arena is not for transaction, including the crests gotten from destroying the costumes.
Players cannot receive or send message inside arena other than party chat.

● Remove ZIN, EX and SP monsters from the game and make all monsters drop equal amount of items.
Because restricting the players to only hunt a handful of monsters in the game if they want items is stupid when Red Stone already have a huge utilizable game world to play around in.

● Make item stone pieces 100 times more common and make each set drop from different type of creatures. For example, the King of Elemental stone piece set should drop from turtles only.
If you've ever played Path of Exile, this is meant to be the same system as Path of Exiles card system.
If you want an item, find a certain mob that drops the item piece you want and hunt there until you get it. Makes hunting for a specific item much easier.

● Make raids have a 200 level requirement and make it possible to enter a private raid with your guild only. Make raids into a much bigger and harder secret dungeon with a boss at the end.
There are so much lost potential in raids and the entire system is just being abused currently.

● Drastically lower the experience gotten from secret dungeons.
Remove the cap on how many secret dungeons players can run per day.
Make monsters inside most secret dungeons deal much more damage and have much more HP.
Make secret dungeons drop more loot and make bosses inside secret dungeons drop much more loot.

● Remove gamemasters from the game.
Make events happen automatically on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis with things happening on set times, like christmas, halloween and summer for example.

● Remove all kinds of resurrection scrolls and phoenix tails from the game completely.
If you die you are dead. You shouldn't die.

● All future changes to the game should be decided by a 75% passing vote with voting stations available in bank for all accounts with a portal sphere.

● Remove dragon horns and oils excluding the oils you can drop from monsters.
It's simply just damage inflation at the cost of real money.

● Remove all forms of random boxes from the point store and never add any new ones.
Pay to win element with gambling attached.

● Make it only possible to only login to 1 character at a time.
Force players to party up and encourage players to build their character to be good at many things instead of only focusing on one thing.

● Make a special section on the map that has free PVP but also various different bonuses such as more exp and loot from the creatures you can hunt there.
Because Red Stone PVP system is great and players should be encouraged to explore it.

● Remove all forms of teleportation including mirror maps, sphere teleports, association teleports, feather of wind and moon crystals.
Simply have 1 npc at each big town that lets you teleport between each.
Being able to teleport around the world at will by speaking to an npc or clicking on an item makes the world feel much smaller and does not encourage player to explore.

● Remove all accounts and characters, open the game world to players on a set date.


  1. If they make this changer ii wil coming back to game :) , hope you will post something they reset/remove account and start new with changes you write here :)

    1. These changes won't ever be in the game sadly.

  2. some good ideas and some bad ideas....
    you seem to ask for nerfs and buffs at the same time....
    you seem to ask for better mobs and drops but ask for fewer maps(mirrors,etc,)....
    pvp ideas are fine....
    less tedious/pointless item enhancement is fine....
    1 login at a time. No! We just dont have the numbers interested in this game. restricting to 1 login wont help that.
    removing ress scrolls cant work, simply because of the current "no exp if dead in raid" situation.etc..etc....
    lastly , are you asking to reset the server? no ty ;p
    i would go through it item by item but i cant copy your text.

    We need to not send conflicting ideas that will just confuse the Devs.
    imo. what we simply need is:
    -certain classes (nearly all ;)) need to be buffed/remade.
    -items dropping more readily to make you more equipt to handle mobs at lvl 680+.
    -some more QoL ideas that i havent/cant think of right now. (but thats what forums are for).
    -bug fixes (w/e they may be).

    i look forward to more discussion so the devs can see it.
    gl out there:)

    1. You can re-enter a raid if you die.

      Most classes are fine and don't need to be buffed or remade, especially not by L&K Logic Korea because they have no clue what they're doing.

      Without a reset these changes wouldn't work.

      Here you have a paste so you can copy and paste my ideas if you wanna comment on them:

  3. how about add a diffrent server wit thies ideas and have that one like go for a few months and then end like seasonal kinda like diablo 3 has going and after the end based on how you did or how far you got you could get some kind of bonus on the normal server have them put some chalenges in it or so something fun like that would benice but im not gunna do all that work all over again when im so close to finaly rebirthing no thank you XD

    1. Seasonal servers wouldn't work because of P2W and splitting the community.

  4. Sounds like you want an entirely new game... Red Stone is dated and broken, I hope someone makes a successor which encapsulates the better aspects of it. How would you suggest the game be monetized if removing many of the popular store items?

    1. There's a million ways to monetize a game without making it pay to win. And the portal sphere still exists.

  5. Prii please add at list this : ! make game run in screenfull resolution hight for exemple 1920x1000

    game windows mode is trash resolution for desktop 1920x1000 , and is annoying winwos mode

    1. Having a bigger resolution would actually disrupt the balance of the game a fair bit, though I do agree with you it should be implemented.

  6. The thing that bugs me the most is that S items are almost the same color as rare items, its so hard to see them in the ground for me, even unique items sometimes overlay and i miss them, i wish they would add a visual cue like in diablo 3 when a unique item drops....

    1. S tier is pink. It's pretty easy to see them in my opinion. I agree with unique items though.