Prinya: Red Stone 2 Review

Jul 11, 2018

Red Stone 2 Review

Red Stone 2 is nothing like Red Stone 1. It is not the next generation of Red Stone. It's not trying to be, it never will be. It is simply a mobile game for Android and iOS with the same name as the original.
If I were to put a name on it, I'd call it a top tier legendary Facebook game.

I am not a mobile gamer. I will never be a mobile gamer. Though I am deeply invested into the Red Stone franchise so I felt like I needed to take it upon myself to do a review for this game.

The game is what you would expect from a mobile RPG. Auto-battling mobs and bosses, companions, items, skills and an above average story told in a Japanese visual novel style.

The game features pretty much endless content for you to tackle, arenas to win, dungeons to beat, raids to overcome, story missions to explore, companion expeditions to finish, towers to climb and leaderboards to conquer.

In my opinion, the game's biggest weakness is that there is no real open world exploration like in Red Stone 1 and no real way to play with other players other than raids and arena matches. Which could easily be implemented as the game features a town where players can meet already. Sadly this town is mostly wasted because most features and modes the game has to offer is cluttered on the user interface instead.

They attempted to adopt the original itemization system from Red Stone 1; but sadly failed miserably doing so. The only things that they managed to get right was the item names. Close to all items names that we're used to from Red Stone 1 is in Red Stone 2.

The story is set around 400 years after the events of Red Stone 1. You begin your story in the Empire of Dameld.
You, the adventurer, embarks on an adventure with your companions to once again uncover the mysteries of the Red Stone and stop whoever is trying to abuse its powers.

There isn't much to say about the story, it's solid and I do recommend you reading every piece of text in the story mode.

I was very surprised to see that Ludic Games are actually very passionate about this game. More so than any other publisher I've met. The developer I talked to obviously wanted the game to succeed and was more than happy to make changes to the game based on my suggestions. I think this is a big reason why I liked the game so much.

Final Verdict
As I have nothing else to compare it to, I'm going to base it on how much I enjoyed playing it. As that is the only thing that matters to me.
Red Stone 2 is a great game, it does pretty much everything you'd expect of a mobile game and is lots of fun.
I do recommend you giving it a try. Try to play the game for the story and don't see it as a competition, there isn't many ways for you to interact with other players anyways. See it as a single player game and you'll have much more fun I can guarantee it.
Also play it on the side while playing Red Stone 1 👌

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