Prinya: Necromancer Balance Patch

Aug 7, 2018

Necromancer Balance Patch

Necromancers can now use Monk and Werewolf gloves.

Basic Skills

Minimum health limit changed from 80% to 100%.
Targets who are asleep now has a 100% chance to be crit.

Plot of Shadow
Duration changed from 10(+1) to 3(+0.3) and the number of hits changed from 10(+1) to 9(+1).

Stats increased from 210%(+30%) to 230%(+40%).
Duration increased from 160(+20) to 310(+50) seconds.
CP consumption increased from 150 to 250(+20).

Darkness damage increased from 680(+120) to 1360(+240).
Duration decreased from 4.5(-0.1) to 3.5(-0.2).

Darkness damage increased from 330(+60) to 660(+120).

Dark Torture
Darkness damage increased from 90(+15) to 270(+45).

Scent of Death
Now also applied on skill usage.
Damage amplified by strengthen and weaken.
Also decreases targets magic resistance and darkness resistance.

Horrible Vision
Damage changed from earth to darkness.
Damage type changed from poison to single hit.
Forces your pet to attack the target.

Terrible Dreams
Now deals damage every 1 second instead of every 3 seconds.

No longer has a damage cap.

Strange Conjurer

Scent of Death
Damage is reduced by 5% for each additional hit from Cotton Ball.

After use, if knowledge is higher than power, your knowledge will also be increased by 50% in addition to the +3 skill effect.

Advanced Nameless Attack
Number of hits increased from 1 to 6 in addition to the original effect.

Wicked Psychologist

Plentiful Doll's Clothing
Deals additional darkness damage based on the original skill?

Darkness damage decreased from 1565(+150) to 783(+75).
Number of hits increased from 1 to 4.
(Applies Passive Effect)

Damage decreased from 1065(+100) to 533(+50).
Number of hits increased from 1 to 2.
(Applies Passive Effect)

Number of hits increased from 1 to 2.
(Applies Passive Effect)

Demonic Tuner

Demonic Phantom
Now also deals 624(+60) darkness damage every 1 second then explodes for 900 darkness damage after 10 seconds.

Revelation of Death
Now additionally deals 1065(+100) darkness damage.

Shadow of Intrigue
Base hits changed. Removed a few restrictions.


  1. Is this currently in the server ?

    1. Nope this was just posted on Korean website.