Prinya: Summoner Balance Patch

Sep 11, 2018

Summoner Balance Patch

All of the summons recieved a graphical overhaul.

Basic summoner stats has been changed into the following.

Power: Increases all pet stats and base skill level.
Alacrity: Increases the pet's alacrity, defense and critical strike chance.
Health: Increases the pet's health, maximum HP and potion recovery speed.
Knowledge: Increases the pet's knowledge and skill level.
Wisdom: Increases pet's wisdom stat and resistances.
Charisma: Reduces the cooldown for summons.
Luck: Increases all pet stats.

Rush Order
Pet and summons damage increased from 100% to 150%.

Protect Order
Pet and summons defense increased from 100% to 200%.

Riding Dog
Duration removed, you will now permanently ride your Kelby if you activate the skill.
Reactivating the skill will cause you to jump off your Kelby.

Tail Spear
Chance to activate when Kelby attacks (cannot be used by Summoner).
Passive ability.
44%(+5%) chance to activate (max 70%).
Deals 236% physical damage.
Deals 210-230 fire damage.
Hits 3 times.

Flame Ring
Fire damage decreased from 110-150 to 43-51.
Now hits 5 times over 1 second instead of 1 time over 1 second.

Swellfish Bubble changed to Swellfish Icicle
Chance to activate when Swellper attacks (cannot be used by Summoner).
Passive ability.
44%(+5%) chance to activate (max 70%).
Deals 77-81 water damage.

Defense increased from 3 to 52(+10).
Defense increased from 50%(+10%) to 75%(+15%).

Bubblegum Explosion changed to Water Drop Explosion
Changed from a trap skill into an active skill with target.
When used, deals water damage to the target.
Water damage increased from 245-265 to 354-374.
Now also has a chance to freeze the enemy.

Aqua Bamboo
Critical chance limited to 70%.
Duration set to static 30 seconds instead of scaling.

Winding Claw
Chance to activate when Windy attacks (cannot be used by Summoner).
Passive ability.
Deals 225% physical damage with 5% increased accuracy.
Hits 3 times.

Void Point
Max elemental resistance increased to 50%.

Finding Treasure changed to Earth Tremor
Chance to activate when Hedger attacks (cannot be used by Summoner).
Passive ability.
Deals 190% physical damage.
Deals 145-195 land damage.
Has a chance to stun the enemy.

Armadillo Rolling
Skill changed.
Deals 325% physical damage.
Deals 530-560 land damage.
Hits every 0.4 seconds for 3 seconds.
4 seconds cooldown.

Reflection Skn
Max elemental resistance increased to 50%.

Recaller Power Up Aura
Attack speed increased from 30% to 40%.
Movement speed increased from 30% to 40%.
Elemental resistance decreased from 55% to 29.5%. (Max 50%)
Now also increases all abnormal resistance increased by 18.7%.

Wanderer of Guide and Hug

Expand Chain of Command
Commands are applied to pets aswell as summons.
Increases pets damage by 150%.
Increases pets maximum HP by 100%.
Increases hard blow chance by 10%.

Rushing Aggression
Now also increases attack speed by 15%(+10%).

Protective Stance
Now also increases the summoners defense by 150%.

Empowering Aura
Now also increases damage by 100%.
Now also increases all pets and summons stats by 60.

Wanderer of Sun and Wind

Synergy of Fire and Wind
Now also increases summons power by 50%.

Gail Punch Mk2
Now hits all targets within radius of the target once every 0.3 seconds for 3 seconds.
4 seconds cooldown.

Wanderer of Sea and Earth

Ensemble of Water and Earth
Now also increases magic damage by 50%.

Bubblegum Mine
Number of hits increased from 1 to 7.
Has a chance to freeze.
3 seconds cooldown.

Aqua Bramble
Now weakens all targets within the radius water resistance by 50% and magic resistance by 30%.
Radius increased from 250 to 400.
Always deals full damage.
Damage can overlap.


  1. I'm really interests in Summoner, can you make her class guide?
    Maybe just some advice. Thanks.

  2. Would love a guide as well i've tried lvling up as one a few times but always feels really weak love the concept but not sure what im doing wrong

  3. This dropped not too long ago. I'd love a guide because it's not really intuitive which stats need to be raised for an effective summoner