Prinya: November Patch Notes

Oct 20, 2018

November Patch Notes

Main Quest Season 2

New Class: Alchemist

Muskteer and Werewolf has been reworked.

Unique item drop rate massively increased.

Ultimate unique items added, which is the next tier after DX Unique items. They are insanely strong compared to DX Unique items and can be dropped very rarely from monsters in the wild.

Ultimate eternal weapons added, which can only be obtained by upgrading from an Eternal 10 using a special recipe.

Magical Injection system added which sorta lets you turn your items into set items.

The rebirth title now gives 900%/1400%/1900% increased EXP for first/second/third rebirth.

Minimum level after rebirth is now 300.

New Quest Icons has been added to NPCs and minimap.

Guild Daily can now only be completed after you've been a member of a guild for at-least 1 day and a requirement of level 50 has been added.

Various unique weapons and equipment with no level requirement can now be exchanged for 10 adventurer coins in the Adventurer Association. You can also sell these back to the NPC and get your 10 adventurer coins back.

7 new maps added
Tatga District Area level 650 - 680.
Western Region of Def Hills level 650 - 680.
Outskirts of Longtail level 270-330.
Satellite City Longtail
Amen Island level 1000 - 1050.
Undersea Temple B1 level 1025 - 1050.
Undersea Temple B2 level 1050 - 1100.

Additional Party Bosses added.
Centaur level 810 that spawns in Tatga District Area.
Eagle level 760 that spawns in Western Region of Def Hills.
Golem level 860 that spawns in Outskirts of Longtail.

Tamer Treatment now heals for 215%(+40%) of your pets current HP.

Tamer Pet Record cooldown decreased from 10 minutes to 2 minutes.

Elixir of Growth can now be used on all pets instead of just rebirth pets. It can also be used up to level 900 instead of a maximum of 600.

New Pets
Succubus, Magician, Devil and Desert Warrior.

Added 18 new Nephon pets.

Stats and Inventory windows has been merged together into one.

Chrono Boxes drop color has been changed to be more easy to see.

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