Prinya: Little Witch Balance Patch

Jan 25, 2019

Little Witch Balance Patch

Hitting with Magic Stick [1]
No changes.

Star Release [2]
Hits increased from 1 to 2.

Gigantic Wand [3]
Changed from active skill to activation skill.
Consumes 6(+1) CP per second.
20%(+3)% chance to deal 30.25% additional light damage.

Comet Shooting [4]
Hits increased from 1 to 6.

Quasar Scattering [5]
Radius increased.

Grim Scream [1]
Changed from activation skill to passive skill.
Activates every 5 seconds.
40%(+4%) chance to slow for 60% for 2.5 seconds.
20%(+2%) chance to stun for 1 second.
Slow increased from 33% to 60%(+5%).

Moon Walking [2]
Changed from activation skill to passive skill.
When struck, 15%(+2%) chance to ignore any damage taken.
Max 20%.

Battle March [3]
Damage aura increased from 60%(+10%) to 125%(+20%).
Accuracy aura increased from 7%(+1%) to 12%(+2%).
Attack speed aura increased from 15%(+2%) to 20%(+2%).
Now also grants movement speed aura 80%(+10%).
Radius increased from 350 to 800.

Dance Along [4]
No changes.

Sing Along [5]
Now also grants magic damage aura 20%(+3%).
Now also grants magic crit chance aura 4.4%(+1.1%).
Radius increased from 650(+50) to 800 fixed.

Astral Spirit [1]
No changes.

Stellar Fear [2]
Changed to active buff to active skill.
Give 360(+70) Max CP to your target and increases CP gain for 2(+0.2) seconds.

Starlight [3]
Now also increases wisdom by 110(+20).

Name of Justice [4]
No changes.

Ultra Nova [5]
Number of attacks increased to 2 per second.
Duration 5 seconds.

Carrier Pigeon of Love [1]
No changes.

Rabbit Rush [2]
Now deals 1-201 light damage.
Target will be locked in place for 1 second.
3 seconds cooldown.
No longer applies berserker.

Magical Drawing [3]
No changes.

Rose Garden [4]
When reapplied, the old rose garden will disappear and a new one will appear.
CP consumption while in the rose garden decreased by 10%.

Magic Box [5]
No changes.

Fire of Love [1]
Now deals 3-306 light damage.
No longer deals fire damage.
No longer transforms into Princess.

Big Service [2]
Heal influenced by knowledge.
5 seconds cooldown.
No longer transforms into Princess.

Lightning Winder [3]
Always hits 3 times per target.
Max 10 targets.
CP Consumption reduced from 280(+50) to 230(+40).
No longer transforms into Princess.

Florence Special [4]
Attack animation drastically decreased (making it attack faster).
Radius decreased.

Girl's Paradise [5]
Restores 4.5%(+0.5%) HP and CP to allies every second for 15 seconds.
130(-5) seconds cooldown.

Action Star

Starlight Waltz
Affected targets take 100% increased physical damage.

Galaxy Scattering
Number of hits increased from 1 to 3.
Applies Starlight Waltz.

Comet Launching
Bleed damage increased from 50% to 100%.
Number of attacks increased from 6 to 7.
Applies Starlight Waltz.

Asterion Release
Spreads Starlight Waltz to nearby enemies.


Fancy Transformation
No longer transforms into Princess when within radius of Rose Garden.

Ultra Supernova
Summons a Rose Garden when used.

 Thunderbolt Winder
Hits per target increased from 3 to 5(+1).
Max 8.

Florence Special Edition
No changes.

Super Idol

Song of Peace
No longer makes you untargetable by monsters.
Increases skill level by 2 (+1 for each party member).

Sing Along
Now also applies these aura buffs. (Party members count reduced).
60% Damage (2 party members)
15% Attack speed (3 party members)
165 Luck (3 party members)
25 Levels (5 party members)

 Carrier Pidgeon of Harmony
Prices has been severely reduced.
Can now be used by party members.

Mystic Box
No changes.

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