Prinya: Tamer Skill Master Quest [KMKW]

Tamer Skill Master Quest [KMKW]

Tamer Skill Master Quest 

NOTE: You need atleast 1 skill maxed (Lvl 50 not counting with skills + from gear) to do this quest. 

*This is the quest* 

Do titles: 

Map lvl5 
Monster Lvl5 
Alchemy lvl1 
City Walker lvl1 

When you have this titles completed, all you have to do is talk to the NPC in the Gypsy Village (Lati coords: 35, 12) and VOILÁ!!! The title is yours 

Seems pretty easy don't you think? 
Well it isn't... :P 
You have to be lvl 200+ to finish the Map Maker lvl 3 (i did it at lvl 100 with help of a friend 200+...he took me to the place where i had to kill and almost killed the monsters, i just had to give the last hit ;D...but it might take some time because you wont update the quest by killing only one monster) 

~*~*~ Credits To red_butterfly_2 ~*~*~ 
AKA KuteMadKitty 
_Syn_ And Elodie

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