Prinya: Thief Awakening

Jun 11, 2014

Thief Awakening

Venom Thrower

Bleeding Toxin
After a critical hit with Double Throw or Venom Dagger, all physical damage applies bleeding for 6 seconds.

Darting Fury
Minimum damage increased by 30%.

Coincidence Throwing
5% additonal chance to crit.

Venomous Dagger
Throws daggers in a fan shape instead of hitting a single enemy.

Silent Trapper

Trap Specialist
Radius of all traps increased by 15 and you install 2 traps instead of 1 with each skill.

Blade Trap
Explodes in an area of effect instead of affecting a single target.

Triple Trap
Explodes 3 times.
Damage increased by 118%.

Bane Trap
Weakens the fire and earth resistance of targets hit by 50%.
Damage incrased by 110% .

Shadow Infiltrator

Additional Looting
Pickpocket, Robbery and Assasination now gains 100 additional CP.

50% increased chance to instantly kill the target based on difference in level.

Shadow Assimilation
Critical Hit chance of Pickpocket, Robbery and Assassination increased by 50% while active.
Damage of Pickpocket, Robbery and Assassination increased by 100% while active.

Mysterious Sense
Duration increased to 20 seconds from 5 seconds.

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