Prinya: Summoner Awakening

Jun 10, 2014

Summoner Awakening


Wanderer of Guide and Hug

Expand Chain of Command
Effect: Orders now affects pets.

Rushing Aggression
Effect: Damage increased to 150% at Lv50.

Protective Stance
Effect: Defense increased to 150% at Lv50.

Empowering Aura
Effect: Activation skill, now increases summoned pets magical damage by 100%, attack and movement speed by 50%, level by 200% and magic resistance by 55%. Also increases all party members stats by 50.

Wanderer of Sun and Wind
Synergy of Fire and Wind
Effect: Magic damage of Kelby and Windy is increased by 70% and their skills range by 50%.

Enhanced Incineration
Effect: Now applies to both summons are the same time, damage is increased by roughly 40% and damage increased to 140% in the middle instead of 120%.

Gail Punch Mk2
Effect: Now draws all creatures hit into the tornado.

Void Point
Effect: Deals damage twice as fast when Incinerate is on, damage increased by 110% and range increased by 25%.

Wanderer of Sea and Earth
Ensemble of Water and Earth
Effect: Hedger damage and health points increased by 100%.

Bubblegum Mine
Effect: Now installs 3 at the same time, damage incrased by roughly 40%, bubbles now has a fixed duration of 15 seconds and the amount of bubbles that can be installed at the same time is now 15. Bubbles are now instantly installed, no cast speed required.

Aqua Bramble
Effect: Damage increased by roughly 300%, duration decreased to 18 seconds, now deals damage once every 1.5 seconds and now also increases attack speed by 25% for all pets/summons in the area and 3 aqua bamboos can now be installed at the same time.

Corrosive Swamp
Effect: Damage incrased by 500%, now also reduces the targets movement speed and defense by 55% over the duration.
- Max 70%.

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