Prinya: Magician Guide

Nov 14, 2014

Magician Guide

Header made by WarNick
Game and skill icons by L&K Logic Korea
All text and other images made by Prii
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The Magician class
Is the main support class for Red Stone, they bring all the buffs and healing abilities to the table. Having the most reliable heal skill in the game and able to heal a wounded ally instantly saving them from death can be extremely good to have in PvP. Raining down meteors and storming crowds of enemies with their area of effect skills will make quick work of monsters.
The magician is probably the easiest class in the game and can be played by anyone, the t-sets is exellent for new players.

Single Target Damage: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Area of Effect Damage: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Movement: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Difficulty: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
Speciality: AoE Magical Damage, Healing and Utility

• Healing and Support abilities
• High AoE Damage
• Very good utility skill
• Able to buff allies and make them tankier and stronger
• Very easy to play and good earlygame and lategame
• Very good support in PvP
• Can solo almost any mob thanks to their very high weaken enemy magical resistance hairpins
• Second best CP charger in the game

• Very squishy in the earlygame
• Enemies will do everything they can to focus you down in PvP
• Useless Wolf transformation gives them very little versatility in their builds
• Extremely good t-sets gives them even less versatility in their builds
• Meteor drains your charge points very fast

A magician's hairpin should be used at all times to increase your damage done to creatures with resistance. Weaken water and fire is the best ones.
Killing target single handedly with Touch of Cold is an exellent way to gain levels early on in the game. Touch of Cold has an insane amount of base damage and does not need items to be effective.
Haste, Fiery Enchant, Smoke of Avoidance, Barrier of Water is your support buff skills and should be applied to everyone that needs it.
Heal will keep you and everyone else alive during the whole game, it's the most effective heal in the game.
Meteor can make quick work of hordes of monsters in huge areas.
Burst of Water is a good successor to Touch of Cold, doing AoE damage from range to a bunch of enemies at once.
Teleportation gives you all the utility you need to never die.

Heal should be used on anyone close to death to ensure they stay alive.
Teleportation should be used as much as possible to avoid unnecessary damage taken.
Running is a viable strategy to avoid unnecessary damage taken.
Touch of Petrification should be used if you need to bring down someone and you dont need to heal anyone at the time. A spiritualist, necromancer or princess can be used to help succeed petrify someone.
Amplify Gravity is a good way to remove haste buff from enemies.
Haste, Fiery Enchant, Smoke of Avoidance, Barrier of Water should be applied at all times, if you see someone without buffs you're not doing your job right.

Requirements should be acquired regardless of build
 Knowledge - Improves magical damage.
• Health - Increases health points, defense and potion recovery speed.
 Wisdom - Improves your resistances, elemental resistances and experience gain.
• Charisma - Improves your resistances and increases your charge points.
 Luck - Increases accuracy, avoidance and improves item drops.
 Alacrity - Increases accuracy and avoidance.
 Power - Improves damage with Fiery Wave and Critical Hit.

1» Archmage [Awakening: Hellfire Priest]
• Knoweledge - 1 each level
 Health - 1 each level until 300 then knowledge.
 Wisdom - 1 each level until 365 then knowledge.
 Charisma - 1 each level until 364 then knowledge.

2» Cleric [Awakening: Doesn't matter]
 Health - 4 each level
 Wisdom - 1 each level until 365 then health.
 Charisma - 1 each level until 364 then health.

3» Enchanter [Awakening: Doesn't matter]
• Knoweledge - 1 each level
 Wisdom - 1 each level until 365 then knowledge.
 Charisma - 2 each level until 364 then knowledge.


(Eternal, T-set)
- Base Speed
- Attack Speed
- Skill Level
- Knowledge


(T-set, Wisdom Cover)
- Defense
- Health Points (%)
- Skill Level
- Knowledge
- Defensive Capability (%)


(T-set, Striders, Spirit of Commercial)
- Defense
- Skill level
- Movement Speed (%)


(T-set, Form Guard)
- Defense
- Attack Speed
- Skill Level


(Anti Charger, Chain Square)
- Defense
- Health
- Avoidance


(T-set, Geno Star)
- Health Points
- Skill Level
- Attack Speed


(T-set, Amethysty)
- Defense
- Health Points
- Skill Level
- Knowledge


(Heros Proof, Koolguy)
- Health Points


(Positive Seal, Engagement Ring of Tartkraft, Rebirth rings)
- All abnormal resistances
- Fatal blow resistance
- Abnormal resistance
- Dropped system resistance
- Decisive blow resistance
- Curse resistance
- Skill level


(Weaken Fire, Weaken Water)
- Skill level
- Attack speed

All skills are based of skill level 50
Scaling is based of 1 skill levels

Minor Flame
Throw a fire bolt at your target, dealing 52-58 fire damage.

Fire Rain
Summon 5 fireballs to rain down on your target, dealing 54-66 fire damage each.
- Maximum of 5 fireballs.

Fiery Enchant
Enchant an allied target with fire, making their physical attacks deal additional 52 fire damage for 360 seconds.
- Does not get boosted by hairpins.
- Does not use the same calculation as normal magic damage.

Fiery Winds
Burst fiery winds in a straight line infront of you, dealing 413-437 fire damage and wind damage based on 100%(+1%) of your offensive power.
- Range: 6.5(+0.06)
- Damage is based on how close to the middle the target is, 125% in the center and 75% on the edge.

Meteor Shower
Rain down a huge meteor on the target location dealing 535-595 fire damage to everyone caught in the explosion.
- Range: 4.0(+0.03)
- Damage is based on how close to the middle the target is, 125% in the center and 85% on the edge.

Smoke of Avoidance
Enchant an allied target with smoke, giving them 13%(+0.2%) avoidance for 440 seconds.

Touch of Cold
Strike your target with a cold staff, dealing 100%(+2%) physical damage and 253-258 water damage with 20%(+0.4) accuracy.
- Requires melee range.

Ice Stalagmite
Spawn a stalagmite under your feet, standing ontop of the stalagmite increases your avoidance 12.50% over 155 seconds.
- The stalagmite has 600(+10) HP and 250(+5) DP.
- Using the spell again or teleporting away removes the stalagmite.

Barrier of Water
Enchant an allied target with water, giving them addtional 22(+0.4) defense and 100%(+2%) DP for 260 seconds.

Burst of Water
Spray your target and everyone around it with water, dealing 335-365 water damage and freezing them for 3 seconds.
- Range: 6(+0.05)
- Explosion radius: 1(+0.01)
- Damage is based on how close to the middle the target is, 100% in the center and 60% on the edge.

Enchant yourself with a levitation spell, increasing your concentration by 30%(+0.5%) and increasing your earth resistance by 25% for 870 seconds.

Teleport to the target location over 0.63(-0.012) seconds increasing your concentration by 40%(+1%) for 10 seconds.
- Teleportation has a global cooldown.
- The concentration is added after the teleport is done.
- Teleporting is affected by attack speed.
- Mastering teleportation is key to being a better magician.

Shield of Violent Winds
Enchant yourself with wind, increasing your avoidance by 5%(+0.1), defense by 18(+0.4) and dealing 60-160 wind damage to targets close to you every 3.5 seconds for 460 seconds.

Lightning Thunder
Summon a thunderbolt at the target, dealing 20-220 light damage and wind damage based on 150%(+1%) of your offensive power decreasing the movement speed by 25% for 10 seconds of everyone hit.
- Range: 3

Enchant an allied target with speed, increasing their attack speed by 35%(+0.5%) and movement speed by 95%(+1.5%) for 330 seconds.

Bindings of the Earth
Bind the targets feet to the ground, dealing 18 land damage and making the target stuck in the ground for 2 seconds.
- Has a very high chance to hit but is completely countered by abnormal resistance.
- Is affected by attack speed.
- Faster than Rabbit Rush but does not have the 100% chance to hit.

Amplified Gravity
Create a vacuum field in a huge area around yourself, slowing the movement speed of everyone hit by 50% for 28.5(+0.5) seconds.
- Has a 95%(+1%) chance to hit.
- Radius: 7(+0.1)
- Completely countered by dropped system resistance though having a very high skill level can make the skill hit anyways.

The ground erupts around you, dealing 185-285 land damage to everyone caught in the explosion and has a 60% chance to stun everyone hit for 1 second.
- Radius: 16(+0.1)

Heal an allied target based on 215%(+4%) of their current health points.
- Heals almost nothing when the target is low on health points.
- Costs a ton of charge points to use so getting high skill level is not a good idea if you're focusing on healing.

Touch of Petrification
If the target is under 95%(+1.2%) health points, trap it in stone for 80(+1.5) seconds.
- While petrified, the target cannot avoid attacks or use skills and activation skills.
- Completely countered by abnormal resistance.
- Can be somewhat devastating if used on monks.

Focusing on your abilities over 0.94(-0.006) seconds increases your charge points by 50. Also increases all elemental resistances by 5% for 2 seconds.

Focused Power
Focusing on your power over 1.41(-0.009) seconds increases your charge points by 90. Also increases your knowledge by 50(+1) and all elemental resistances by 10% for 4 seconds.

Focused Energy
Focusing on your energy over 1.88(-0.018) seconds increases your charge points by 200. Also increases your wisdom by 75(+1.5) and all elemental resistance by 20% for 6 seconds.

Arcane Energy
Channeling your arcane energy over 2.19(-0.037) seconds increases your charge points by 400(+6). Also increases your maximum CP by 270(+5) over 15 seconds and all elemental resistances by 35% over 8 seconds.

Critical Hit
Strike the target with your staff, dealing 125% physical damage with a 80%(+1.2%) chance to critically hit and 5%(+0.1) accuracy.

1» Archmage [Awakening: Hellfire Priest]
1. Touch of Cold [50]
2. Heal [1]
3. Smoke of Avoidance[50]
4. Arcane Energy [35]
5. Burst of Water [50]
6. Meteor [50]
7. (Awaken Meteor) [1]
8. Arcane Energy [50]
9. Haste [50]
10. Fiery Enchant [50]
11. Teleportation [50]
12. Barrier of Water [50]

2» Cleric [Awakening: Doesn't matter]
1. Heal [20]
2. Teleportation [50]
3. Smoke of Avoidance[50]
4. Haste [50]
5. Fiery Enchant [50]
6. Barrier of Water [50]
7. Touch of Petrification [1]
8. Amplified Gravity [50]

3» Enchanter [Awakening: Doesn't matter]
1. Heal [1]
2. Arcane Energy [50]
3. Smoke of Avoidance [50]
4. Haste [50]
5. Fiery Enchant [50]
6. Barrier of Water [50]


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  2. Any chance I can solo things that drop the t-set parts? Also, a single mob drops everything? Thank you

  3. Looking for a good place to drop hairpins. Never had a problem before, but of course, now that I'm looking, I can't seem to find a large amount of ghosts in any particular location. Anyone have suggestions? Thanks!

    1. RedEye 20f, Redeye Senator flopped me a Salivira Hairpin in 2 kills. Problem solved, thanks!

    2. Redeye Congressman*

    3. Ancient Ruins B2 Vampires have a fairly high chance to drop them and can be really chill for when you just wanna watch a movie or something. They drop rings too so it's perfect.

  4. Would an awakened fire rain better than TOC to gain CP or it would be useless?

    1. It's pretty useless, just use Arcane Energy.