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Nov 15, 2014

Necromancer Guide

Game and skill icons by L&K Logic Korea
All text and other images made by Prii
For further questions, post a comment and I will answer.

The Necromancer class
The Necromancer is the epitome of the support classes, they dont do much damage but makes the enemy waste their resources or the necromancer will simply kill them with debuffs. Necromancers make exellent party members for doing secret dungeons or killing huge lures or bosses making targets useless during battle while increasing party members damage. For grinding they should stick to a party as much as possible and lure mobs to a killer.

Single Target Damage: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Area of Effect Damage: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Defense: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Movement: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Difficulty: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Speciality: Debuffing

- Extremely annoying enemy in PvP
- Just successfully debuffing something can make it die in a second
- Pretty much impossible to kill in PvE
- Can kill enemies in 1 hit if lucky (PvP)
- Gains 5 stat points each level
- One of the most feared classes
- Cheap
- Can use almost any weapon
- Needed for taming

- Have a hard time grinding solo
- Extremely hard to learn, extremely hard to master
- Sometimes it's hard to hit mobs to debuff them
- Lots of curse resistance counters necromancers

Necromancers have a hard time grinding alone so sticking with friends or even making another character to grind with your necromancer is the best choice.
However, necromancers make extremely good companions to finish secret dungeons.
They simply debuff everything so the party can walk straight through without taking much damage.
Necromancers also make magic damage classes without "weaken elemental resistance" do much more damage with the help of Lower Resist skill.
Necromancers are a very advanced class, they have very few weaknesses. Use this to your advantage.
Devil Illusion can take lots of beating from mobs, use it to distract mobs from party members or escape certain death.
Use Phantom Impulse if you have negative charge points to get back to 0 again.
Necromancers can make ANY mob useless.

Step by Step how to PvE:
#1 Activate Smell of Death
#2 Lure mobs with Lower Might or simply walking into them
#3 Debuff them with Lower Might > Lower Accuracy > Lower Resist > Blood Drain > Self Reproof > Torture

#* If the monster use magic damage, use Reversal
#* For Bosses use Lower Might > Lower Accuracy > Lower Resist > Lower Level > Blood Drain

Necromancers are death itself in PvP, hit targets with Smell of Death and use your debuffs on target enemies, low curse resistance enemies will see their hp drop quickly on successful debuff.
Practise your vision in PvP and use Degenerate to make targets die instantly.
Focus with your teammates to damage someone and then use Degenerate on that target and their Mage will heal it and make it die in 1 hit.
Damage Pool can balance the damage done in GvG over party members.

Requirements should be acquired regardless of build
- Health - Is needed to survive attacks.
- Alacrity - Is needed for accuracy.
- Wisdom - Is needed to use treasure sets and give you survivability.
- Charisma - Is needed to use treasure sets.
- Knowledge - Is Necromancers main source of magical damage.
- Power - Is Necromancers main source of physical damage.
- Luck - Is needed for accuracy.

1# Necromancer
- Health - 1 each level
- Power - 1 each level until 200 (then health)
- Wisdom - 1 each level until 366 (then health)
- Alacrity - 1 each level until 366 (then health)
- Charisma - 1 each level until 366 (then health)

- All skills are based of skill level 50
- Remember, a few Necromancer skills has their chance of success lowered by curse resistance.

Nameless Attack
Hit the target with your weapon, damages the target for 100% physical damage with 5% increased accuracy. (Necromancers can use almost any weapon, though their range of 100 does not change.)

Activation Skill, has a 100% chance to blind all targets within 350 range of the necromancer for 23 seconds. (Cooldown: 5 seconds)

Inspires an undead monster, the undead monster has a 35% chance to chance to become your pet. (Level of pet: 70% of initial undead monster) (Possible inspiring: your level+0) (All stats of inspired targets increased by 150) (Damage increase by *50%)

Make the target sleep for 59 seconds. (Must have under 65% hp) (Range: 250)

Switches stats for the necromancer and all enemey targets around you for 210 seconds. (Knowledge becomes Power) (Alacrity becomes Wisdom) (Range: 200)

Devil Illusion
Creates an illusion in the target area with 260% of the necromancers health points for 275 seconds. All targets immediately target to attack the illusion. (Range: 500)

Damage Pool
Activation skill, every 5 seconds the necromancer spreads a damage pool to 5 party members for 6 seconds. The party members take 30% reduced damage. The 30% damage reduced within the damage pool is then spread equally to all the party members affected. (Range: 1200) (Works with pets too) (Max 7 party members)

Plot of Shadow
Tortures yourself for 25 darkness damage per second, after 10 seconds the target takes damage equals to how many seconds the necromancer tortured herself doing 150 darkness damage per second. (Range: 250) (Max: 12 seconds)

Prophecy of Death
Changes 25% of the targets health to first aid state for 5 seconds. Simply damages the target for 200% physical damage and 25% of the targets maximum hp.

Transfers your spirit to become undead, you fall down dead on the ground and takes control of the target undead. Increasing the target undead stats by 210% for 160 seconds. (Casting time: 3 seconds) (Range: 100) (Cooldown: 180 seconds)

Lower Accuracy
Lowers the accuracy & avoidance of the target & everyone within 150 range by -60% for 130 seconds. (Range: 500)

Lower Resist
Lowers the resistance of the target & everyone within 150 range by -30% for 60 seconds. (Range: 400)

Lower Might
Lowers the damage by -175%, defense by -125%, movement speed by -50% and attack speed by -35% of everyone within 450 range of the necromancer for 210 seconds. (Range: 400)

Lower Level
100% chance to lower the level of the target & everyone within 150 range by -160 for 130 seconds. (All stats is reduced according to level) (Cooldown: 30 seconds)

Taunts the target & everyone within 180 range, if they dont strike you within 4.5 seconds they will take 680 darkness damage. (Range: 250) (Casting time: 3 seconds)

Blood Drain
83% chance to cause the target & everyone within 180 range to heal attackers for 10% of damage done for 180 seconds. (Range: 200)

Causes the target & everyone within 180 range to damage themselves for 330 darkness damage everytime they attack for 30 seconds. (Range: 400)

Causes the target & everyone within 180 range to take 90 darkness damage everytime the necromancer attacks it for 220 seconds. (Range: 400)

Causes the target to take 175% PURE damage back if gets affected by a direct heal for 10 seconds. (If the affected target gets healed for 10000 then 17500 PURE damage will be done to the target.)

Smell of Death
The necromancers buffs herself for 530 seconds with a smell of death, causing all basic attacks to do 77 additional darkness damage and reduces the target curse resistance by -60%+(-54%), abnormal resistance by -54% and dropped system resistance by -54% for 10 seconds.

Horrible Vision
Causing all targets within 150 range of the necromancer to take 6 land damage every second for 53 seconds. (Casting time: 1 second) (Mostly used to stay non-afk)

Phantom Impulse
Does damage to the target equals to 100% of the amount of negative charge points you have. (Max 120%) (Casting time: 3 seconds) (Range: 200)

Terrible Dreams
Puts the target to sleep and gives it nightmares, making the target take 270 darkness damage every second while the target is sleeping for 93 seconds. (Range: 300)

150% chance to distract the target for 7.5 seconds. During this time the target can not act. After 7.5 seconds the targes takes 1265 fire damage and 645 darkness damage. (Range: 300) (Cooldown: 10 seconds)

Animate Partner
Animates the target dead ally, ressurects the ally from death for 130 seconds and when the time is over, the target returns to dead state. The animated ally is undead and cannot be killed for 10 seconds and have reduced potion recovery. If the animated ally dies while animated the enemy guild does not earn victory points in GvG. (Range: 200)

1# Necromancer
1. Nameless Attack[50]
2. Lower Might[50]
3. Lower Accuracy [1]
4. Lower Resist [1]
5. Lower Level [1]
6. Reveresal [1]
7. Blood Drain [1]
8. Smell of Death [50]
9. Lower Accuracy [50]
10. Lower Resist [50]
11. Lower Level [50]
12. Blood Drain [50]

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