Prinya: Ultra Nova I

Nov 29, 2014

Ultra Nova I

So for the people that doesn't know it already, my characters are named Solstice and Nova.
Solstice will be a Possession Snake & Puma Champion, pretty much the same as NyaNya was on the old server. Erina (NyaNya) will start playing again next friday 5th of december. 

Here is the build I'm using at the moment, it's pretty basic for leveling. Get about 60 or so in alacrity and power then the rest in luck for accuracy and avoidance.
Get Possession Bulls first, a skill point in Bulls Heart and Hit End then pump the rest in Last Bullet.

I was quite lucky to find a 51% fatal blow glove.

It's very good if you're grinding. A critical hit can take a huge hit on your health points when you only have around 300 or so.

Overall my gear is nothing fancy really. I'm using Glisten Blade Strike Gloves for the 20% crit and 0.90 attack speed. Together with my luck I can crit for 2200 damage.

I'm also using 4 leather rings and 4 combat rings for the defense and offense bonus.
For belt I'm using a item reload belt from the Jency's Point of Defense shop in Brunenstig. The rest of the pieces is 3/5 spiritualist treasure set and champion treasure armor.

I've been running the new dungeon Tomb of the Ancient King. It's pretty good in my opinion. Saves you the time you lose from finding a damn party for abandoned mine and gives you pretty much the same experience you would normally get from doing abandoned mine for an hour. Tomb of Ancient King is also a very small dungeon and the level 50 version takes about 5 minutes to finish. 

In the end I would say you get around 1 million experience from the dungeon overall.

Anyways, thats all I have for now. Things will start going much faster when we can get our hands on portal spheres, minipets and possibly also get access to a guild! That would be fantastic. L&K is doing a great job overall with the game. 

Feel free to report any bugs you find on the Red Stone subreddit.

This has been the first ever "Ultra Nova", where I will blog about what we've done over the past week or so. 

Enjoy the game guys.

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