Prinya: Vivid Recruiting!

Dec 3, 2014

Vivid Recruiting!

We are now recruiting active and nice players for our guild Vivid.

Why should you join us?
  • You wanna learn about the game? We will provide you with accurate information from any aspect of the game, we will teach you how to play your class. Learn from the best.
  • You like PvP? We will teach new players how to PvP and we also give everyone a chance.
  • Are you a new player? We'll help you get started and provide you with most of the things you need to not run straight into that wall waiting for you around the corner.
  • You like to be social and just do your own thing? We have players that will help you do that too, you are also free to add any of your friends to the guild at any time.

What about PvP?
  • We are currently setting up a PvP team for the future.
  • We stream the GvG LIVE on Twitch.TV for everyone in Nacriema.
  • A video is also uploaded after the GvG is done if it was a fair match.

What are the requirements to join?
  • Be active and nice.
  • Have a strive to learn about the game.
  • Show progress.

Are there any rules?

  • Social standards.
  • One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

How to join?
You can simply whisper leader of any of the vice masters ingame.
Asuran, Nova, Zoony, Nina, Poison, Aquaria and GOML

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