Prinya: Magician Awakening

Dec 9, 2014

Magician Awakening

Hellfire Priest

Book of Incineration
Reduces CP consumption of all fire spells by 30%.

Meteor Shower Double Impact
Rains down 2 meteors but damage has been reduced by 27%.

Multiple Action Spell: Fire Ball
Has no cast time and deals 100% more damage.

Inferno Storm
Has a wider explosion diameter.

Frigid Priest

Upon death, regain 25% of your maximum HP over 5 seconds.
180 seconds cooldown.

Coolant Cannon
Radius increase to 150 from 100 and effects lasts twice as long.

Icicle Stalagmite
Freezes targets within radius upon expiration.

Spring Water Barrier
100% additional defense when used on self.

Combat Priest

Magicial Combat
Whenever electrification is consumed, final damage is increased by 10%. Stacks with itself up to 50%.

 Critical Hit
Consumes electrification on the target to deal additional wind damage equal to physical damage dealt multiplied by 48(+2.4).

Electric Shield
Electrifies targets hit.

Freezing Touch
Applies cold to targets in a small radius around the main target.


  1. Question, does the final damage increase from the combat priest's passive only affect physical damage, like critical hit, or does it affect the magical damage from skills like, say, meteor?

  2. only physical damage and only critical hit can activate the passive