Prinya: Opticalist Awakening

Dec 12, 2014

Opticalist Awakening

Opticalist Awakening

Luminous Monarch

Increase Efficiency
Effect: CP Consumption decreased by 20%.

Liberation of the Redeye's Power
Effect: Now attacks all enemies around you for a maximum of 3 times per enemy.

Expansion Beam
Effect: Now also reduces targets attack speed by 10% and movement speed by 20% for 10 seconds.

Reflected and Bounced Lightning
Effect: Can bounce on the same target more than once.

Crystal Operator

Beat Control
Effect: Increases the max number of beats by 1.

Chain Blow up
Effect: Now deals more damage with 2 beats. Now also has critical chance +40% with 3 beats.

Damage Expansion
Effect: Damaging a target with a bit now also deals damage to nearby targets with beats.

Tactics Weapon: Beat Hive Boost 
Effect: Now last an additional 5 seconds (Up to 10 seconds.) and the cooldown is now 14 seconds instead of 25.

Radiance Coordinator

Infinity Jamming
Effect: Increases chance of debuffing by 20%.

Time Dominater
Effect: If used on an ally player, cooldown is reduced by 50%. Duration increased bt 2 seconds. Cooldown reduced by 30 seconds.

Insignia of Light
Effect: Now also increases magic critical strike by 30%.

Miracle of Vitalization
Effect: Maximum CP given increased from 380 to 450. Duration increased from 345 seconds to 407 seconds. And now also gives 50% of CP used to the target. Does not work on self.

- Translated by Erina | NyaNya

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