Prinya: Little Witch Awakening

Dec 11, 2014

Little Witch Awakening

Action Star

Circle Dancing Stars
Applies a debuff that causes targets to take 10% more damage from all sources.

Galaxy Scattering
Applies the passive.

Comet Launching
Bleed effects spreads to nearby enemies.

Asterion Release
Movement speed debuff spreads to nearby enemies.


Fancy Transformation
No longer transform back to Princess after using Fire of Love, Lightning Winder, Florence Special or Girls Paradise while standing ontop of Rose Garden.

Ultra Supernova
Now repeats itself 3 times but has a small cooldown.

Florence Special Edition
No longer charms targets.

Thunderbolt Winder
Electrifies all targets hit.

Super Idol

Song of Peace
The Little Witch will never be struck first.

Sing Along
Applies special effects depending on how many players are in the party.
7% Accuracy (2 party members)
60% Damage (3 party members)
15% Attack speed (4 party members)
165 Luck (5 party members)
25 Levels (6 party members)

Mystic Box
Can be attacked by party members too.

Carrier Pidgeon of Harmony
You can now buy dragon hearts and deluxe potions from the Pidgeon Store.

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