Prinya: Priest Awakening

Dec 11, 2014

Priest Awakening

Divine Exorcist

Holy Shieldmanship [PASSIVE]
Blocking will not stun you.

Exorcism Ritual [3]
The second hit now deals damage in a 200 radius.

Thorn Shattering [2]
Now reduces the defense of enemies within 200 radius of the main target.

 Restoration [4]
Now also increases defense when used on yourself.

Sacred Defender

Revenge [PASSIVE]
Block-piercing attacks counts as blocks.

Shield Glare [2]
Now also applies on ranged attacks.

Convert Fanatic [2]
No longer makes enemies run away.
Increases the attack speed of enemies hit by 50% and reduces the damage they deal by 10%.

 Holyshock Blocking [1]
Stuns attackers on block.

Glorious Supporter

Proof of Brilliance [PASSIVE]
Increases the radius of supportive activation skills.

 Celestial Arch [5]
Now increases skill level by an additional +1 for each additional party member.

Mirror Obelisk [1]
Increases the amount of players that can be protected from 5 to 8.

Elemental Harmony [2]
Now also absorbs 10% of all magic damage taken.


  1. How to awaken combat prist as ranked on top in your other post

  2. its not this class its the mage awakening