Prinya: Fallen Angel Awakening

Dec 11, 2014

Fallen Angel Awakening

Fallen Angel

Holy Missionary

Grasp Weak Point
Effect: Attacking an enemy twice with the same skill increases your damage by 100%, resets if another skill is used.

Gospel Kerygma
Effect: Now converts a monster to do your bidding for 30 minutes. Also increases their stats by 10% based on their race.
Undead: Charisma
Animal: Alacrity
Beast: Wisdom
Devil: Power
Humanoid: Health

Plume Niddle
Effect: Now hits all targets in a cone. Like Spreading Arrow from Archer.

Repent Pressing
Effect: Now hits all targets close to the main target.

Saint Punisher

A Pair of Wings
Effect: Increases your maximum magical damage by 10,000.

Effect: Now deals damage and dispels three (3) times but has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

Dominate the Unholy
Effect: Now deals damage twice as fast and now also reduces targets movement speed.

Magic Expelling
Effect: After use, the target takes 30% more light damage.

Spirit Guide

Heavenly Step
Effect: Increases your movement speed by 20%.

Effect: Can now create 2 portals, all party members can move freely between the 2 portals. Portals disappear upon changing map.

Holy Spirition
Effect: When used, saves your location. When re-used, teleport to original location. You can now run with this skill active.

Effect: Now transports all party members to the town of the Fallen Angels choice, party members have to accept the teleport. (Basically Heavenly Calling and Evacuation in 1.)

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