Prinya: Ultra Nova III

Jan 12, 2015

Ultra Nova III

Been a while since my last Ultra Nova so I figured I'll do another one!

Vivid has been going really great. We're currently the highest level guild in the game with a total of 92 levels, Sakura being second with 75 levels.
We finished the emblem around 2 weeks ago.

I spent hours trying out different stuff but I couldn't find anything that I liked. I really wanted the symbol patterns but I kinda forgot how to get them. Anyways we got a really nice emblem in the end! Here is a few of the ones I thought about.

This one would be the closest to the one I really wanted with the symbol patterns, it looks kinda boring so I ended up not taking this one.

I wanted something that is a symbol of Vivid, so I made a golden sun with an orange background but it still didn't have the "feel". For those who don't know. Vivid means "Alive", "Lively" or "Colorful".

I ended up choosing this one because it really looked good on the last server when I tried it, I like the brown frames and the colors match eachother to make something that you won't forget easily. A shield with blue background and brown frame.

Here what it looks like in action! Pretty neat if you ask me. Everyone in the guild seems to like it and there was a ton of complaints about the ones I suggested from the beginning. I made it myself though and like I said, everyone liked it in the end.

This is Name of Justice with a full party awakened support priest.

I've tamed tons of different pets for various different people.
And please don't get mad if I dont answer you about taming, I get so many requests that it's hard to manage sometimes. A week ago I couldn't even grind because taming took up most of my time. I'm trying to do most of them though, just make sure you're ready to call me and have a necromancer ready with Smell of Death. And PLEASE necromancers, get Smell of Death for the love of Akiles.

I managed to snatch a very rare bottle for only 2 million gold. Someone will be sad when he realizes this is very hard to obtain. You can get this from opening chest with Unlock Chest skill from Thief. Although it's very rare this is the ONLY item with 16-29 wind damage on it. Which is impossible to get other than chest hunting.

I also managed to buy this from Heart and he was so nice to sell it to me. It's an amazing necklace that can easily be upgraded with main quest to be even better than this.

I managed to get a unique werewolf costume. Useless to me. It gives 10% more experience gained and +20 to all stats.

Vivid managed to lose siege war in the last 10 minutes to Sakura after extremely good defending.

Even though we managed to get it back in 9 minutes next week. Which I totally forgot about since I was busy (I was 5 minutes late to the siege war). I didn't get to attend much other than throwing a few Ultra Novas on harmless.

Which is where I end this Ultra Nova number 3 for more later on.

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