Prinya: Maid Awakening (Suggestions)

Feb 11, 2015

Maid Awakening (Suggestions)

This is just suggestions, it will (probably) never appear in the game

Blood Maid
 Tools Of The Trade
The Maid utilizes different tools for different things, granting her additional skills depending on what weapon she is using.
0.80 base speed weapon grants 150 luck.
0.90 base speed weapon grants 5% final damage.
1.00 base speed weapon grants 20% attack speed.

No longer consumes charge points and have an increased base chance from 45% to 65%.

 Disturbed Cleaning
Now have a 5% chance to spawn a Rotating Broom on the target.
- Max 2 Rotating Brooms at the same time.

 Big Spinning Broom
Now have a radius of 300(3m) instead of 150(1.5m).

Housekeeping Maid
All damaging attacks increase critical strike chance by 5% for 5 seconds. Stacks with itself up until you land a critical strike and then resets to 0%.

 Fastidious Discernment
No longer consumes charge points.

 Flying Kitchen
Now bounces a tripple amount of times up to a maximum of 36 times but has a maximum of 12 times on a single target.

 Naple's Revenge
One hit on each target now bounces to a new nearby target within 100(1m).

Service Maid
 In Service of Nacriema
Your attacks can no longer miss but you can no longer dodge.
(Works in PvP)

 The Calm After The Cleaning
No longer consumes charge points and now works upon taking damage.

 Filth No More
Now decreases final damage taken instead of increasing avoidance.

 Nacriemar's Diet
Now gives you health instead of luck.

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