Prinya: Beginner Tips

Jul 23, 2018

Beginner Tips

Turn ON these options.

If you have any concerns about the game you can always message L&K Logic Korea on facebook.

I strongly recommend you to buy the following items from the point shop.

The portal sphere will double all the experience you gain, double the drop rate and give you a free mount when you click Y.

The Grow Portal Spheres might be a better option if you're not planning on playing for 30 days straight. They function the same as a normal sphere but better.

The Boost Badge further increases the experience you get from killing monsters. It stacks with portal spheres.

The Grow Portal Spheres will also let you rent equipment from this Special Equipment NPC.

A reflecting shard will give you a minipet, minipets are small creatures that increases your abilities and are very cost-effective.

The two-sided frame will give you the ability to have 2 minipets on at the same time.

You can buy Solar Cocoons (or other Cocoons) from the point store and sell to other players to effectively buy money.

A Costume that changes the way your character look (can be turned off), can further increase your stats and experience gained.

You can buy basic equipment from Equipment Merchant in Brunenstig Adventurer Association.

Goods Merchant in Brunenstig Adventurer Association sells you Children Candy SP that can be used for players under level 100 and refills your CP and HP. They cost almost nothing.

You can collect a Flowerpot from Lunaby in Brunenstig Adventurer Association, it will give you the ability to harvest a berry when your flowerpot is ready. The berry will increase the experience you gain from killing monsters.

Talk to Dispatched Union Assistant (79, 110) and (62, 150) in Brunenstig to gain low-level buffs that last for up to 1 hour.

Your compass in your inventory will take you back to the Brunenstig Adventurer Association.

The Event Teleporter in Brunenstig lets you teleport around the entire world to specific locations, learn to use this NPC to get around.

The Scarecrows (43,137) marked with "Training Camp" in Brunenstig is the area where you can test and perfect your skills.

In Brunenstig Adventurer Association theres another area that takes you to the PvP map teleporters, here you can also find the NPC that sells Secret Dungeon keys and the NPC that teleports you to the entrance of a Secret Dungeon.

If you get the chance, make sure you do raid every week for some quick levels. This is also located at the Brunenstig Adventurer Association.

Some guilds have access to extremely good potions from Antique Dealer Loen in your guild hall. These can only be bought if your guild has upgraded their guild store.

Nailroni (82,82) in Brunenstig will teleport you to most towns and various other locations in the world, make sure you learn where she can take you to efficiently move around the game.

Maestro Shana (98,53) in Brunenstig sells eternal weapons that you can equip at level 100. Eternal weapons can also be upgraded.

Maestro Tanpo (100,51) in Brunenstig will dissemble your unique items into various materials.

Distinguisher Tiren (90,109) in Brunenstig will repair your broken items.

Ban (83,109) in Brunenstig will give you access to a list of all items stalled in Brunenstig.

Union General Store (89, 120) in Brunenstig will buy your items for a maximum of 100,000 gold (unlike 10,000 to other shops). Always sell your light blue items to her to make money.

Woodstock (63, 101) in Brunenstig Bank will give you the Citizen title for 30,000 gold (level 10) and will let you join a guild.

Clena (16, 15) in Brunenstig Bank will give you access to a quest that will let you open a bank account where you can store small items. (Don't put in big items such as armors because it costs money to take them out.)

Guild Hall Teleporter (78,81) in Brunenstig will take you to your guild hall.

After you joined a guild you should speak to Archaeologist Gran inside your guild hall to enter the guild dungeon twice every day.

Guild Mission Manager inside your guild hall will let you accept the guild daily quest and get the attendance reward. Make sure you do this every day for a chance to get expensive items.


  1. Kinda off topic, I received Dragot Wing during a raid but I cant sell it or store it in my bank. But an NPC said that there is a corresponding reward for what I received during the raid but I cant claim it. Is it a bug at the moment?

    1. If you have the token from each boss, Skeleton King, Dragot and Cerberus. You can trade them for a permanent badge that gives you skill level and attack speed. The NPC is bugged and will tell you that your inventory is full when you try to sell it. The only thing you can do is keep it in your inventory until you have one of each.

  2. Can you transfer gold in between characters? Or items?

    1. Items that has "Not for transaction" are obviously, not for transaction. But most of the other items you can trade. You can also trade some items that are not for transaction through the bank. But only to other characters on your account. Gold is freely tradable everywhere.