Prinya: Tamer Guide

Apr 28, 2015

Tamer Guide

Guide made by Nova
For further questions, post a comment and I will answer.

The Tamer class
Utilizing pets for survival, the tamer can tank any mob in the game thanks to their pet bodyguards. Being able to spend their stats almost freely and able to run around freely without the need to cast spells except for their long duration buffs. The tamer is great for secret dungeons of big tanky monsters. 

Single Target Damage: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
Area of Effect Damage: 
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Speciality: Single Target Damage & Item Hunting

Can freely spend all stat points
Free running
Very good item hunters

• Good single target damage
• Very hard to kill
• Easy class
Good for dungeons

Hits the maximum damage cap very early in the game
Without good pets, damage is lacking
If your pets die, they lose experience
• Getting good pets is expensive

Attacking Order is your main pet order, it will order your pets to attack your target and increase their damage. Use it at all times when you want to command your pets to attack something.
Defensive Order can be used for a more defensive stance, not used very much as attacking order is much better.
Patrol Order can be used for a more balanced stance for your pets, not used very much as attacking order is much better.
Using Special Ability should be used whenever your pet has a good special ability, Elf Asssassin Zin for example have a really good special ability. Spam this skill to make your pets use their special ability all the time. It also commands your pets to attack the target.

Taming is your taming skill for low level, use it to tame a Kobold so you can get to level 53 faster.
Bait can be used to tame pets faster, it increases the chance to tame a pet by 15% and lowers their avoidance.
Glare should be on at all times, doesn't matter when and where. This is your main taming skill and without it your pets will be useless, it also increases their maximum loyalty.
Brainwash is your main taming skill, it lets you tame 2 pets with a general level of level 4 or higher. With Monster Distinguisher title you can see the general level of a monster.
Pet Record can be used to store your pets for future use or change to other pets. Pets that is resummoned using Pet Record have full health.
Scorn can be used to level up your pets faster, having a high levle tamer with max level scorn on the map near your pets will increase the experience they gain by 75%.

Compassion should be used whenever your pets die as it recovers some of the experience they lost when they died.
Treatment can be used to slowly heal your pets, though it is more recommended to have a Princess throw a full healing potion or a Magician using Heal.

Urgency is your main buffing skill, it increases your pets damage by a huge amount.
Praise is your second buffing skill, it increases your pets level by a maximum of 75.
Feed Chili is a really strong buffing skill, though it can only be used 25 times a day per pet, it increases their stats by 90%.

Gloomy Day increases the damage of your pets, and is one of the main Day skills.
Cloudy Day increases the attack speed of demon pets, and is one of the main Day skills.
Foggy Morning can be used to increase accuracy for your pets, good when your pets are missing their hits.
Sunny Day can be used to increase health points of your pets, good when your pets are dying.
Changing Day can be used to increase elemental resistance of your pets, good when your pets are dying to elemental monsters such as magicians that uses Meteor or demons that uses Fiery Wave.

Frighten is your main CP recharger, it can also be used to push away monsters and players, it also works through walls and is great for defending in siege wars.

LevelLocationRespawn Time
King Ogre Cave B1
50 minutes
The 'Mi' Dungeon in Rivermouth
60 minutes
Eastern Trum Forest
5 hours and 38 minutes
Western Trum Forest
7 hours and 38 minutes
Swep Tower B13
9 hours and 38 minutes
Spine Hall B2
10 hours and 38 minutes
Unnamed Vestiges B2
11 hours and 45 minutes
Forest of Time 3
12 hours and 50 minutes

Requirements should be acquired regardless of build
Health - Increases health points, defense and potion recovery speed for the tamer and her pets.
Luck - Increases accuracy, avoidance, charisma and improves item drops.
Wisdom - Improves your resistances, elemental resistances and experience gain.
• Alacrity - Increases accuracy, avoidance and defense of all pets.
Knowledge - Increases skill level of pets.
Power - Increases all stats of pets.
Charisma - Improves your resistances, increases your charge points.

1» Beastmaster
Charisma - 1 each level until 364 then luck
Health - 1 each level until 200 then luck
Luck - 2 each level

2» Shepard
Health - 4 each level

All skills are based of skill level 50
Scaling is based on 10 skill levels

Physical Strike [1]
Strike your target with your flute, dealing 200% physical damage with 5%(+1%) accuracy.
- Charges 31 CP.

Attacking Order
Command your pet(s)
 and summons to attack the target, increasing your pets damage by 150%(+30%) for 250(+50) seconds.
- Charges 1 CP.
- Doesn't stack with other orders.

Defensive Order
Command your pet(s) 
 and summons to attack the target, increasing your pets defense by 200%(+40%) for 250(+50)seconds.
- Charges 1 CP.
- Doesn't stack with other orders.

Patrol Order
Command your pet(s) and summons to attack the target, increasing your pets damage by 110%(+20%) and defense by 165%(+30%) for 500(+100) seconds.
- Charges 0 CP.

- Doesn't stack with other orders.

Using Special Ability
Command your pet(s) and summons to attack the target, increasing your pets accuracy by 10%(+2%), taunts the target and forcing your pets to use their special ability directly and then every few seconds for 250(+50%) seconds.
- Charges 10 CP.

Strike your target with your flute, dealing 100% physical damage and have a 35%(+5%) chance to tame the target to become your pet until disbanded.
- Tamed pets will be 70%(+4%) of their original level.

- Can only tame pets of your level+15(+10) or lower.
- Can tame pets with a general level of 2 or below.
- Can tame 1 pet.
- Consumes 30 CP.

Activation skill, stare at a possible pet, if you successfully tame a pet it will have 50%+(10%) increased loyalty, 100%+(20%) increased maximum loyalty, and 25%(+4%) increased level.
- Maximum of 100% increased maximum loyalty.

- Consumes 40 CP and charges 50 CP on successful tame, if CP is not high enough, pet will not be Glared.

Cleansing Pet
Strike a pet with your flute, dealing 300% physical damage and have a 65%(+10%) chance to charm the pet for 285(+50) seconds.

- Can charm pets of your level+40(+10) or lower.
- Consumes 80 CP.

- Can charm up to 6 pets at the same time.
- Chance to charm pet increases depending on the health points of the target, lower health points = higher % chance.

Put a feast on the ground, increasing all nearby monsters chance to be tamed by 15% and avoidance by -13%(-2%) for 10 seconds.
- 350 radius.

- Consumes 85 CP.

Strike your target with your flute, dealing 400% physical damage and have a 65%(+10%) chance to tame the target to become your pet until disbanded.
- Tamed pets will be 65%(+2%) of their original level.

- Can only tame pets of your level+25(+10) or lower.
- Can tame pets with a general level of 4 or below.
- Can tame 2 pets.
- Chance to tame pet increases depending on the health points of the target, lower health points = higher % chance.
- Consumes 320 CP.

First aid your pet, temporarily healing it for 210(+40).
- Consumes 75 CP.

Buff your pet, increases its offensive and defensive power by 40(+8) for 660(+120) seconds.
- SkillText2

Treat your pets wounds, healing it for 750(+150) over time.
- Healing speed is based on health of your pet.

- Consumes 180 CP.

Buff your pet, increasing its level by 40(+8) for 660(+120) seconds.
- Consumes 275 CP.

- Maximum of 75 levels.

Revive your dead pet, healing it for 1500(+300) and regaining 98%(+20%) of the experience lost on death.
- Consumes 250 CP.

Yell over 0.94(-0.06) seconds, charges your CP by 60(+10).

Frighten nearby enemies over 1.41(-0.09) seconds, charging 160(+25) CP and have a 100%(+10%) chance to make them run in the opposite direction.

Pet Record
Write a book about your pet, storing it in your inventory for the future. Using the book again will summon you pet anew.
- Usable on pets level 1000(+200%) or higher.

- Consumes 265 CP.
- Pet must be in the book for 10 minutes before it can be summoned again.

Activation skill, scorn all pets within 1250(+200) radius around yourself, increasing the experience they gain by 50%(+10%).
- Only usable on pets lower level than you.

- Max 75%.
- Requires 60 Cp to be active.

Feed Chili
Feed chili to your pet, increasing all its stats by 90%(+15%) for 310(+40) seconds.
- Can only be used a maximum of 25(+5) times a day per pet.

- Consumes 250 CP.

Gloomy Day
Activation skill. 

Damage of all pets increased by 32%(+5%)
Damage of undead pets increased by by 65%(+10%). 
Earth magic damage of all pets increased by 57%(+10%).
- Requires 10 CP to be active.

Foggy Morning
Activation skill.

Accuracy of all pets increased by 20%(+3%).
Avoidance of humanoid pets increased by 18%(+3%).
Water magic damage of all pets increased by 63%(+11%).
- Requires 15 CP to be active.

 Cloudy Day
Activation skill.
Defense of all pets increased by 65%(+10%).
Attack and movement speed of demon pets increased by 80%(+15%).
Wind magic damage of all pets increased by 69%(+12%).
- Requires 30 CP to be active.

Sunny Day
Activation skill.
Health points of all pets increased by 120%(+20%).
Health points of animal pets increased by 190%(+30%).
Fire magic damage of all pets increased by 75%(+13%).
- Requires 60 CP to be active.

Changing Day
Activation skill.
Elemental resistance of all pets increased by 55%(+10%).
Elemental resistance of beast pets increased by 160%(+30%).
Light magic damage of all pets increased by 85%(+15%).
- Requires 60 CP to be active.

1» Beastmaster & Shepard
 [Awakening: Friendly Shepard]
1. Brainwash [1]

2. (Tame Elf Asssassin Zin)
3. Glare [50]
4. Brainwash [50]

5. (Tame Hired Soldier Zin)
7. Attacking Order [50]
8. Urgency [50]
9. Feed Chili [38]

10. (Awaken Brainwash) [1]
11. (Awaken Glare) [1]
12. (Tame Elite Pumpkin Zin)
13. [Reset Skills]
14. [Continue with 2.]

Beastmaster & Shepard [Awakening: Dignified Shepard]
1. Brainwash [1]
2. Glare [50]
3. Attacking Order [50]
4. Urgency [50]
5. Cloudy Day [50]
6. Feed Chili [50]

7. Praise [50]
8. Gloomy Day [50]
9. (Awaken Feed Chili) [1]
10. (Awaken Attacking Order) [1]
11. Aqua Bamboo [50]


  1. I'd like to know which is the best pet and what overally makes one pet better than the other pets.


    1. A good pet has lots of factors.

      Their overall basic attack damage.
      Their special attack.
      Attack Speed.
      Health points.
      Initial level.

      The biggest factor is the type of pet, mostly Demonic pets are far more stronger than others because the skill Cloudy Day gives them a huge amount of attack speed.
      Depending on the initial level, you might be able to tame them being very low level, if you found a pet level 600 you can tame it around 300 or so if you have the requirements.
      Taming a pet much lower level than you will have you Scorn them or just always having them being much lower level than you.
      Their special attack is a huge one, some pets have skills that buffs people in your party. The Elf Asssassin have a skill that always deals crits and possibly oneshot monsters.
      And some pets just have all of them in one, high damage, high attack speed, demonic and high initial level.

      Elite Pumpkin Zin for example.

    2. For more info about pets:

  2. I have pets lower lvl than me. After I praise them, they are a few lvls higher than me. Will scorn still work on them after praised?

  3. Continue buils 2 Why would i need brainwash 1 and glare 50 if i have pets i need?

    1. Glare increases loyalty. Brainwash lets you book pets.

  4. Hey Bomi! Its me, Elewar. Where is Spine Hall B2? Icant find it. I saw somewhere that it is the first spine hall, but there is only b1, no b2 portal :/

  5. Because I have nowhere else to turn:

    I'm trying to level a summoner (I know...nobody plays them and I want to play one) but I'm stuck currently.

    I started my master quest (talked to Hans) and was sent to help "Bukee" on the Hanhi / Dorem River map.

    Well the problem is, there is no npc named Bukee on that map.

    What do I do ? :( I really want to play summoner.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. need a little help, i have hit a luck problem :( 4th RB max luck 4.9k cant dorp a U items on tamer. is their a max luck cap ?

  8. Hey i would like to know if oyu could help me tame Pumkins ? :s its hard to find someone who really wants to help :( Whisper Hydraogre please

    1. I don't play Red Stone anymore, sorry.

  9. hello i wanna know about master quest can u help me?

  10. om jag skappar en tamer, behöver jag andras hjälp för att tama pets eller kan jag göra det själv?
    och funkar bank tricket fortfarande? book pets och radera karaktären ? har inte spelat sen OGPlanet. tack för all hjälp

    1. Om du vill ha starka pets är det värt att kolla med nån som kan hjälpa dig.

      Nej bank trick funkar inte.

  11. Hello.
    Just one question.
    If i Rb and i have my pets booked in bank or i don't know , they will be lvl 1 again ?