Prinya: Three Things

Aug 29, 2016

Three Things

Let's say I could change three things with the game, what would it be?
  1. I'd make all items dropped have a much higher chance to have more than one prefix, including unique items.
  2. I'd make it possible for all items to have 4 prefixes maximum.
  3. I'd remove the 1 week cap to turn in Red Stones.

What does this mean?
Just imagine something like these not being a legendary-once-in-a-lifetime drop.

Removing the cap to turn in Red Stones would do a lot of things, first of all. There is no cap on farming Red Stone pieces. Meaning people would farm creatures just to farm Red Stone pieces, there would be an efficient way of actually becoming stronger that doesn't involve killing the same boss monster over and over again. A win right? Wait a second theres more. Since they need gold and items to make items with the Red Stones they collect, they have to start collecting items from the ground, even more win.
Wait stop right there, theres more. Since most Red Stone rewards costs gold, this is also a gold sink, meaning it would effectively remove gold from the server and not making items cost huge amounts like 5 billion.

- More people hunting for items
- Better items
- Gold efficiently being removed from the server
- We wouldn't need extractors and mirrors anymore
- The game would live up to its name

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