Prinya: Warrior Awakening (Suggestions)

Sep 8, 2016

Warrior Awakening (Suggestions)

This is what I think Warrior Awakening should've been.


Gale Warrior

Full Body Swing
Effect: Completely ignore the enemy targets defense.

Final Attack
Effect: Now create an illusion to strike the target instead of doing it yourself, damage increased from 115% to 140%, maximum hits increased to 12.

Ring Strike
Effect: After use, attack speed is increased by 75%, defense is increased by 100% and avoidance by 25% for 16 seconds.

Hurricane Impact
Effect: Attack speed gained from this skill is trippled. (20% > 60%)

Dragon Warrior

Victory Reward
Effect: When you hit an enemy, you gain 3 CP. When you kill an enemy, you gain 50 CP.

Dragon Storm
Effect: CP consumption reduced from 600(+100) to 450(+70). Damage has been increased by 40% and now also reduces targets elemental resistance by 25% and movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds.

Blood Sucker
Effect: Now hits twice and applies bleed for 50% of the damage done from both hits every 1 second for 3 seconds.

Dispersion Spike
Effect: Now releases 2 more waves in different directions. Damage is now 100% at the beginning of the wave instead of 60%.

Veteran Warrior

Hypersensitive Reactions
Effect: You will now always cause a hard blow, but your damage is reduced by 60%. All fatal blow probability on gear is now turned into attack speed.

Quad Precision Swing
Effect: Now attacks 4 times instead of 1 and cannot miss.

Savage Sweep
Effect: Now stuns all targets hit for 5 seconds.

Blood Fury
Effect: Now also gives you 30% final magic damage, 250% damage reflect and 30% attack speed for 10 seconds.

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