Prinya: How to fix Demon Sorceress

Nov 4, 2016

How to fix Demon Sorceress

The problem with Demon Sorceress is that they have no synergy with Maid and they have huge problems with charge points.

Cleansing fire was removed and replaced by Draining Fire.
Swift charge is now similar to Opticalist Speed Reading and now also increases maximum CP% for a few seconds.
Key to the Gateway can now be used on allies and works with Strip Dress.
Dark Enchanting now works with Strip Dress.

 Cleansing Fire  Draining Fire [5]
Passively enhances your damaging spells to gain charge points based on based on 0.50%(+0.1%) of damage dealt to all enemies.
- Maximum 1% of damage done can be gained as CP.
- 150 times stronger effect in PVP.

 Swift Charge [1]
Recharging 125(+20) CP over 0.9(-0.095) seconds and increases your maximum CP by 135%(+25%) for 15 seconds.

 Key to the Gateway [5]
Unlock an allied targets dark potential, increases their magic critical chance by 18%(+3%) for 330(+60) seconds.
- Doesn't stack with other sources of magic crit.
- Works with Strip Dress.

 Dark Enchanting [3]
Enchant an allied target with darkness, making their damaging magic spells deal an additional 104(+20) darkness damage for 360(+60) seconds.
- Has its own damage source.
- Works with Strip Dress.

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