Prinya: How to fix Maid

Nov 4, 2016

How to fix Maid

 Maid has some extremely annoying things about them that could have some quality of life changes.

 Time to Sweep Now has been completely reworked into a pulling skill that lets you gain the attention of enemies. Maid had no way of doing this before.
 Maid can now use fire weaken and strengthen crosses.
 Maid Leader's Dignity now increases your CP gain instead of Concentration.
 You can now put Flying Saucer in the first auto attack slot.
 Strip Dress damage has been drastically reduced.

Time to Sweep Now [5]
Sweep dust at all targets within a radius around yourself, dealing 220% physical damage with a chance to blind them.
- Cannot be blocked.
- 35%(+5%) chance to blind all enemies hit for 5.5(+0.5) seconds.
- 450(+30) radius.
- Max 10(+1) targets.
- Consumes 155(+20) CP.
- Gains 50(+10) CP.

Strip Dress [2] [3]
Activation skill, 45%(+5%) chance to add 780390 fire damage to your attack(s).
- Consumes 10.9 CP per second

Maid Leader's Dignity [5]
Passively increases your Concentration ⇒ CP bonus by 60%(+10%).
- Max 60%.

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